April 19, 2019

Derek O’Brien: Abusing Parliamentary Immunity From Front Row

Quizmaster turned Parliamentarian Derek 0′ Brien has developed a penchant for focusing more on Twitter handles (especially the ones who ask tough questions and expose the fallacy of TMC government) rather than issues of governance. It’s okay to be obsessed with Twitter, but Mr. Bully O’Brien has been abusing parliamentary immunity to cast aspersions on ordinary citizens. After defaming the twitter handle @bhak_sala, he has gone overboard in bullying sane and reasonable voices on Twitter. He recently targetted the twitter handle @ippatel because Mr. Patel has been posing tough questions and showing the mirror to the ruling TMC dispensation.

It’s high time to ask for the repeal of Parliamentary immunity when parliamentarians attack ordinary citizens. The Parliament is ultimately a people’s house at the end of the day. How can it be used to attack people unfairly? Mr. Patel has made it clear that he would take legal action against Mr. Brien. To divert attention from pressing issues in Bengal, Mr. Brien has been unleashing the attack on activists like Mr. Patel to curb voices of reason. The freedom of expression of ordinary citizens cannot be sacrificed at the altar of parliamentary immunity.

Bullying is a systemic problem, and it seems Mr. Brien should attend workshops to mend his ways. Mr. Brien has been adamant and has shown no signs of remorse or guilt for his unparliamentary behavior. He has threatened to call out the Twitter handle @rishibagree. Would Parliamentary Affairs Minister take note of this savage display of authority by Mr. Brien and initiate stringent action?

Shouldn’t there be legislation against legislators who abuse this privilege to troll ordinary citizens? The speakers at the workshop have not spoken about the abuse of parliamentary immunity by legislators like Mr. Brien and Mr. Rahul Gandhi who have abused the platform of Parliament to peddle falsehood. He continues to make unsubstantiated claims on Rafaele.

Legislators need to focus on issues that matter but sadly they are obsessed with a figment of their imagination “trolls”. People who question them are easily branded as trolls whereas the bigoted voices are hailed as “Progressive” and invited to “Anti Bullying Workshop”.


Image Courtesy: India Today


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