March 19, 2019

Desperation to Create a UDHTA Twin of PUNJAB

Making of Udhta Punjab. Is it a coincidence or a thoughtfully done strategy for Punjab Elections?

Let us go into simple circumstantial facts that emerge.

Questions were raised on creation of bollywood UDHTA-PUNJAB, though the topic that the story touched was most relevant but the intent that it portrayed as per me was nothing more than a political outcry.

If we go back in time and remember the movie SATYAGRAH, its timing and placement. One is compelled to see lot of similarities with UDHTA PUNJAB!!  Yes we can see one loud difference, at that point in time no evident proof could be pointed that any one from AAP being associate with it, which is not, in this case as one of the producers was a member of AAP who left AAP , produced UDHTA PUNJAB and joined AAP back. These are important information and people need to know to draw their own conclusions.

Let us look at the social problem, how it is deep rooted in system and insufficient Remedies.

Having said that lets go to something that has been bothering me “Desperation to Create a UDHTA twin of PUNJAB”.

doping wiki 1 1In the ongoing physical examination and fitness test being conducted by the Haryana Police for recruitment of constables in the force a strange thing was found, SOME OF THE ASPIRANT WERE USING PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS (PED) , this was a first in Haryana so far, for a state that has produced the best athletes for India.

In this process a fatal event happened , three kids lost in the race to life, they could not make it, when they were brought to hospital , the doctors stated that the reason was overdose of PED by them. With no surprise it was seen that the political opposition & the opportunist  in the state wanted to do dirty politics on the death of these kids who lost life as a  result of usage of these PED (as stated by the newspapers and news channels).

The main stream media also picked the story for a few hours targeting the ruling dispensation for its lack of governance, and pledged  that they will go deep into in but then it seems that this was not worth for more than those few hours for it was not a TRP driver.

So what is the issue, how do we look at it?

In the process of this recruitment drive it was announced that people should not use PED or such substance and that if found under influence they would be disqualified, Medical teams were placed and were conducting the needful.

At this point I must say that looking at the quantum the arrangements made to do a full check were lacking by the department. There are some 7000 odd vacancies for which over 300000 plus applications were received and at an average over 10000 applicants were being examined in a day, which by any standards is a big tough job.

If I was claiming that the execution was seamless, would be a blatant lie. Looking at the response the officer in-charge, of this process, the officer should have been competent to understand and contemplate the magnitude of the situation. Adequate numbers of medical testing centres , Medical aid counters and Vigilance should had been in place.

But then is it the fault of the JOB or the Organisation conducting the interview if the applicants use PED?

Who’s fault is it any way?

This is a social issue one that can never be solved by the Government, it can only be a facilitator to possible remedies for solving this menace but in no manner can it be the one to rectify it.

Let’s look at it, our kids are in solid pressure to attain a government jobs, as it carries a tag of being secured job and that it will be great to be in it. In this case, let’s look at the job well; to start one of the most risky job is to be a cop, the department is most stressed, it requires about 16 to 18 hours of physical & clerical work, at times people are on jobs for 100 hr at a stretch, A bullet is always an inch away and to top it Some idiot who is nothing more than a thug, will come out of a blue and call them a THULLA.

So let’s assume that this kid gets into a job like this! what is his future? He would make some 25000 month max and will have a burnout by age 40. But still is ready to risk it all. Why this kid would be ready to go through this and not trust his or her own merits? Using PED is an acceptance that the person is not sure of his or her own abilities. Where did they source these PED? How did they buy it and applied it?

  • But we must not forget to ask our-self who has shown them this path?
  • Why are they not sure of their abilities?
  • Have we ever asked our self why did we accept that our kids passed from one standard to another by virtue of grace marks?

In the last 10 years deliberate attempts were executed to kill the ethos of the hard working Indians that “karam hi puja hai”!

In the last 6 decades “INDIA that is Bharat” has suffered at the hands of incompetent vision less “POLITICAL ROYAL FAMILIES” did we ever had democratic politics in the political system?

This issue of “Desperation to Create a UDHTA twin of PUNJAB” is not about Haryana alone , One man has been visionary (like his role model Swami Vivekananda) to awaken people, about the power of this nation and society

We as parent, relatives and well-wishers need to go back to KARAM HI PUJA HAI and discard concepts introduced by western breed of so called intellectuals. The aim was and still is to finish the concept of Bharat by MACALEY PUTRA and those who had commercial interest.

Pic Credit: Wiki

Writer is Shri Raman Malik.

Spokes Person BJP (HR)
Ex-National Co-convener
Twitter: @ramanmalik


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