April 24, 2019

#DhanKiBaat: The Big Bang Theory-December Edition

The Prime Minister would address the nation on 31st December. He is likely to speak about Niti (policy) and Ran-niti (strategy) of demonetisation, steps taken by the government to ease cash crunch and who knows he may display some fireworks on 31st night and take detractors by surprise. Anticipating salvo from PM’ address, I did a mock drill and stood in ATM line for half an hour today. Modi’s detractors would be going weak in their knees wondering what’s in store for them.

“Samudra Manthan”(churning of the sea) is one of the best known episodes in Hindu Dharma. The story appears in Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana and explains the origin of “Amrita” drink of immortality. Modi did a similar churning of the economy, “Artha Manthan” and the “Vish” has started hurting crooks. A bitter pill for them to swallow. The “Amrita” has resulted in upswing in both Direct and Indirect Tax collection. Digital transactions have soared and reached dizzying heights. Custom revenue has seen a rise of more than 6 percent. Terror financing has taken a hit. Fake currency rackets have been busted. More than 500 raids were conducted across the country and unaccounted wealth in excess of 2800 crores were seized. The purification process has just begun. People, in general, have suppported the “Yagna” whereas “Asuras” have created ruckus and nuisance.

A Big Bang New Year Campaign is in the works. Lawmakers have been briefed to carry the message of demonetisation to the people and the shift to cashless economy. They are entrusted with the task of educating people in their respective constituencies regarding digital payments. A slew of measures are expected to be rolled out keeping in view the demands and challenges in agriculture and industrial sector. Schemes are already out to incentivise usage of digital payments. A beginning has been made. Lot of ground needs to be covered. The journey post November 8 has been bumpy and rough. Vested interests have tried all tricks to cause unrest but of no avail. Public sentiment has been the driving force and hopefully the momentum will be sustained in days to come.

Dhan ki Baat on December 31st may not be music to the ears for some people. Noise and notoriety is very well expected from some quarters. Some have already lost their sheen (Noor). The nation is bound to shine thanks to economic optimism.

Picture Credit:English News – Dailyhunt


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