April 19, 2019

Dhanyawad Modiji. But a Big Chunk yet to benefit in Global City Virar

On July 31, 2016 we made an ardent request to our PM and hoped to see some action within a month.

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To our surprise latest electricity bills that were delivered on Saturday August 6, 2016. Some residents have observed reduction bill. We spoke to residents once again and here is the feedback.

There is something seriously wrong. Let us analyse facts and circumstantial evidence.

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April onwards we started staying in the flat. from 226 units it went up to 553 in June. This is the same period when load shedding has also started. Complaint were made to local electricity offices and on call centre. In addition, messages on twitter were sent to Hon CM of Maharashtra and Hon. Power Minister as well.

All this problem has started after electricity meter were replaced without our knowledge. There were no complaint from the residents. The new meter are a problem for sure. There is much more than it meets the eye.

Some serious question needs to be answered by state government. Why the meters were replaced in the first place? Who ordered these meters?

We have a simple solution to the issue. We want to buy electric meter in the knowledge of government from open market. Get them tested by government. Let the meters be sealed to avoid tampering. Without removing the existing meters, we want to install the newly procured meter to see the difference. This simple exercise shall put all doubts to rest.

Let this be done at atleast ten places in Global City Virar at our cost.

Will get two possible outcomes. Either government fitted meter show high reading or second possibility is almost same reading. In case the government fitted meter reading is high, then extra amount collected from residents should be adjusted with penal interest in forth coming bills.

If at all the reading are same, government fitted meters continue.

Second issue is that the entire township is facing random and frequent power cut. We see consistent tweets from Power Minister on how the performance of the ministry has improved in current regime. But the reality in Virar that is roughly 40 kms away from main city Mumbai and 27 minutes by train has a different story to say.

A big population from adjoining places like Mira road, Nala Sopara, Vasai and Virar travels to Mumbai for job and business during day time. Haphazard power cut puts pressure on residents. Be it working class, home makers or students. Each one has to compromise. Local electricity office has one excuse to give for months togather. “Vasai main problem hai. Jab theek hoga to bijli aayegi” . We don’t think there is a power grid based out of Vasai. Even if there is something technical that needs support from Vasai then how is it possible that remaining of Virar continue to get electricity.


Idea of Smart City looks very optimistic and it shall be a big success if it is backed up by strong grievance cell that is digital and has various escalation matrix to avoid citizens writing directly to PM. Having said that your agenda of development is extremely good and much appreciated. Needless to say any development process will be futile in the absence of robust grievance cell. Happy our voice is heard.

Some residents will meet Executive Engineer or next in line soon to get a concrete response. Hope better sense prevails. Look forward to our Power Minister and Chief Minister to be active on social media like four ministers in your government.

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