December 18, 2018

DHONI- The Captain Cool

MS Dhoni would be remembered for many things in cricket. However, there is one incidence that I think many would still remember.

Pakistan President praising Dhoni for his excellence and requesting him not to cut his hair. The first thing he did was cut his hair after he came to India.

His famous Helicopter shot, a shot that he innovated and no one can dare to copy it.


And not forget his modesty. Captain Cool has displayed some of the best qualities of leadership in adverse situation and come out as a winner. Not reacting on success and not getting dejected on failures. Very few players remain composed the way he has been all these years.


Virat Kohli is nurtured well over the years and right fitment to walk into his shoes. Sunny Days sure for a long long time.




Credits and Courtesy: You Tube, NewsFlicks , MP3Hits.US , Catch News

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