April 19, 2019

Dial a ‘Flash Mob’..

It’s said, ” if there is GOOD, EVIL isn’t far behind “.

We are rapidly progressing towards a connected World. The growth of high speed info-highways , digital technology , mobile tech., has given us the power to access information at the tap of a screen, and connect and socialize with our ‘near & dear’ anywhere in the world.

But, the digitized cocoon that we have built around us has its drawbacks.

Social media is our inseparable appendage but this platform has a dark side to it. It has been leveraged by unscrupulous elements like criminals, antisocial elements and anti-nationals to spread rumours and to instigate people, calling upon them to partake in meetings, dharnas & agitations & violence.

Recent developments in Tamil Nadu are a classic example of ‘Dial an Agitation’ versus ‘Dial a Mob’.

“Jallikattu” is an emotive issue in Tamil Nadu . Profound shock and anguish greeted the SC order banning the sport, the spontaneity with which the youth took to the streets taking out protest marches & hunger strikes forced the Government to sit up and take notice. The ‘Occupy Marina’ movement compelled them to act. The peaceful and nonviolent people’s movement culminated in government acceding to the demands of the ‘Voice of the people’.

By ‘Dialing an Agitation’, people succeeded in drumming up support for a cause through Social Media.

But the same platform, had its ‘Mr Hyde’ (of Mr Jekyll & Mr Hyde fame ) moments . A peaceful movement was hijacked by Politicians and rowdy elements to make political statements that ignited the flames of violence, further, the rumors that were circulated fanned the flames beyond control. A peaceful agitation morphed into a violent one within no time. Confusion reigned supreme, rumors of police lathi charge spread like wildfire,  stone pelting and arson were reported. Chennai slipped into chaos as a result of  ‘Dial a MOB ‘.

At times like these that the term ‘GONE VIRAL’ has sick feeling attached to it.

“Free speech is a constitutional right, but an unbridled abuse of Free Speech is detrimental to the Nation”.

Can we allow the Media and the Social platforms to spew venom ? Shouldn’t there be a mechanism to stop such blatant misuse ?


Picture Credit: Twitter Sceenshot


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