April 19, 2019

Did You Know (1)

There are 65 crore males in India.
Every male usually spends Rs. 60/- per month for his shaving and hair cut. Average it out for elderly, kids and those who don’t shave.
If you calculate this for one year, it becomes… 65x60x12=46,800 crores!
The funny part is, the total defence budget of Pakistan is 41,500 crore. And these idiots speak of fighting war with us ?.

Think, what if we add our women’s beauty parlour bill!! ? ?

Did you Know Cost of printing of RS 50 (Rs 1.81) Note is more than RS 100(Rs 1.79)

Rs 1 for Rs 10, Rs 1.50 for a Rs 20.
To print 1000 Rs note costs Rs 4.86

Talking to wife is most relaxing and it also improves life span says a new study from England.

It says it reduces tension by 90 percent and reduces risk of heart attack by 80 percent. It also states that it’s a 100 percent relaxing…..

But, the study does not say whose wife?

Credit:  @KiranKS 

Pic Credit: Wiki

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