February 18, 2019

Did You Know (2)

Interesting – Can you guess what is common between all these prominent temples.

1. Kedarnath 79.0669°
2. Kalahashti 79.7037°
3. Ekambaranatha- Kanchi 79.7036°
4. Thiruvanamalai 79.0747°
5. Thiruvanaikaval 78.7108
6. Chidambaram Nataraja 79.6954°
7. Rameshwaram 79.3129°
8. Kaleshwaram N-India 79.9067°

If your answer is they all are Shiva temples, you are only partially correct.

It is actually the longitude in which these temples are located.

They all are located in 79° longitude.
What is surprising and awesome is that how the architects of these temples many hundreds of kilometers apart came up with these precise locations without GPS or any such gizmo like that.
Hats off to them.

Since RTE came in April 2010, educational output has gone down. 20% of class 5 students can’t do division. 42% of class 5 students can read class 2 level text in their mother tongue. Results were so bad that this survey didn’t happen for 2015.

RTE is damaging. It is shutting down budget private schools in poorer areas. Teachers unemployed. Classroom size and ground more important ?

Only 42% of class 5 students can read class 2 level text in their mother tongue.

Contract teachers get 1/5th of regular teachers’ salary. But they are doing better. They focus on learning than completion of syllabus.

Do you know? A UP teacher’s salary is 17 times that of per capita income of the state. Still education quality is very poor. Why? RTE has failed.

Need real and fair educational reform that is not discriminating against any section of the society.

India’s informal employment is the highest in the world.
95% of the farms are less than 4 hectares.
95.5% of houses make less than $10,000. It will take 20-25 years of sustained growth with lots of employment generation to bring up India. Formal sector has a huge challenge, but doable. India’s advantage is that China is slowing, oil prices will remain low for sometime and there are not that many stable big countries for global investors. India is a top choice as long as political stability remains.

Only if we sustain social stability till then and avoid excessive socialism that has ruined 3 generations already.

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