April 26, 2019

#DigitalDangal: BHIM – Thumbs Up for Financial lnclusion

BHIM - Less cash India

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app was launched by PM Modi for secure cashless transactions. The app developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is inter – operable with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and connects directly to the customer’s bank account. There will be a paradigm shift to digital payments with just fingerprints through BHIM. A Thumbs Up for all ! This BHIM is bound to disrupt the current digital payment space for sure.

The naming of the app has ruffled some feathers. Mayhem and outrage over app’s name is likely to happen. Didi, in a state of shock after Tapas Pal’s arrest, has termed BHIM as an app for lottery. Ignorance is not bliss!!. It’s time Derek should enlighten Didi over nuances of digital payments. Since the Chit-Chat over “Rose Valley Chit Fund” scam refuses to die down, its hard for Didi to look beyond lottery.

People in Delhi’s power corridors would shudder to download the app. It would remind them of Bhim Bassi. Likes of Sandeep Kumar, Somnath Bharti and Tomar would urge Yugpurush to develop an indigenous AAP’s app and call it “YuPay”. Liberals and intellectuals might demand TIM (Taimur Interface for Money). Would TIM be able to defeat BHIM? No prizes for guessing the right answer. Tim Cook would vouch for BHIM. Now, lets move beyond naming of the app. How about adding a “Scam” angle to it? Sounds fun? Of Course! Yugpurush would be squirming how to add a scam dimension to it. Did Bhim Bassi sell his soul to Modi? Why was the app named after Bhim? Will Baijal be removed as LG and Bhim would take over? Got It!. BHIM is a Modi agent. Jokes apart, BHIM is an agent of change. It’s gonna redefine the way transactions would be done in the country. It will be a world leader. In fact, it would force developed economies to leverage the potential of unified payment mechanism. Mover over Apple Pay, its time to roll the red carpet for the mighty BHIM.

Did anyone even bother to take Sam Pitroda’s reaction on BHIM app? He would enlighten us with an anecdote how Rajiv Gandhi made the first digital transaction in the history of Indian banking. Isn’t the current government doing disservice to the great Gandhi? Yes, it is. It’s a Fascist government. If we let imagination run wild , it’s quite possible that Rajiv Gandhi would have done the first digital transaction to the Swiss bank.

It’s not fair to demean the dynasty all the time. Give them a breather!

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