March 22, 2019


After the latest Supreme Courts cowardly act of asking the two parties to get an out of court settlement in the Ram Temple issue, one wonders if the Court has even acted morally. The dispute has been due to the hard-line stand of the invaders and their alleged progeny who do not want to associate with the culture and history of the place. When the masjid was destroyed by the karsevaks, violence broke all over the country and since then courts have taken over the issue. The issue at hand with the court is about the title of the place and whether a temple existed in the place which was destroyed by the Islamic invaders in the past.

Except for the pseudo-Indian historians, all the Indian historians will agree that there is a temple structure below a masjid and at the site a temple had once existed. Since we all know that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, the temple must have been destroyed and a masjids might have been built just like around 30000 others in this country. The HC court has gone overboard and made 3 divisions of the land which was not asked by the two parties fighting the issue and the case has then moved to the SC and now it is asking the parties to make out of court settlement. One wonders if the court is wanted a mafia like settlement where in the strong arm and violent tactics of the minority community will bludgeon the majority into surrendering the title when the truth is in the side of the majority.

Even though the recent working of SC has made people believe that the court is performing good, but the issues relating to certain communities makes one wonder if the court is still acting with bias. Whatever may be the issue, the courts have to deliver the verdict one way or the other and the issue at hand has to resolve by the rule of law. When the courts predict the occurrence of riots during demonetization nothing have happened. When the real riots and violence happened in several secular states, the courts did not take any suo moto cognizance and kept its eyes closed like the several other bodies of the constitution.

In all this confusion, a curious group of individuals have come up who want to build a great hospital or a center of astrophysics at the site of the temple. What sort of morons would make such a claims? I would ask these intelligent people if they would allow their house be razed down by some organization and a different building be constructed at the spot without any permissions? These are the same people who talk about preserving culture and heritage. There can be millions of gods and millions of temples each have their purpose and even if one of them is forgotten for a time but that does not mean that it is rendered useless. Some other person will realize the truth and seek what was forgotten.

Ever temple is rebuilt at the same site repeatedly and the place will have its identity of the deity. It is a pity that our history does not teach the importance of gods in our governance and hence we have people who say WE DO NOT WANT TEMPLE and lets built something else modern. The worshippers of deities have stood their ground for very long times and with the blessings of a few million gods, MANDIR WAHIN BANEYENGE. Many great people are at work and their efforts would only awaken even more people to come forward to achieve the purpose of reclaiming the heritage and also the blessings of the several forgotten deities.

Picture Credit: Arise Bharat


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