April 24, 2019

#MediaSupari No 5 – Doctor Arnab

#MediaSupari series exposes the half facts and full lies by media, to serve and push the agenda, either for higher TRP or defaming some. The basic sense of Journalism has been totally missing from current Indian Media, where news are just the views and opinion of news reader.


TheNewsHour debate program on #TimesNow anchored by Mr. Arnab Goswami is a news program where, views of the anchor is more important than the news or the facts. There were unfortunate deaths in Chattisgarh post sterilization procedure. Without waiting for facts or carrying out any investigation what so ever. Arnab went on another of frenzied trip of defaming Dr. R.K Gupta by calling him Dr. Death. The facts that emerged later were medicines were contaminated and Dr. R.K Gupta was not responsible for the death. Arnab defames at will without caring what impact it has on the individual or his family member. No apology till date.


Pic Courtesy – http://thequackdoc.com/

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