May 21, 2019

Don’t​ ​follow​ ​your​ ​Passion!

Don’t be afraid to move forward and tread those meanders of life.

Don’t follow your passion! Yes, you heard that right, don’t go forth. There are days when you crave for photography,  those nights when the poet inside you suddenly wakes and you pick your instrument to pen down a beautiful so net.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against harboring new habits or exploring new avenues, but mistaking these passion stints as full time obsession is the wrong road we tend to take. The motive of such actions should be to engrave experiences in your life and have enough memories to #throwback when needed! If you’re one of those lucky bunch to embrace one such desire as your full time work, then my heartiest congratulations, but taking cues from successful people in a particular field and following their footsteps, huh, you ain’t going anywhere buddy. A wise man once said, life is not a destination but a journey, so take it as one and evolve each and every moment to relish and cherish it later, not to reach some finish line.

Holidays are the time when you explore outside and within. Solitude, if enjoyed, is the best gift you’ll ever have. The adolescence – adulthood transition is the most important one and try to to make the most of it. Find a friend in yourself and embrace those lonely moment to find the better “you”. Hindu mythology gives the supplementary and complementary concepts of dhyan and darshan. Where darshan explicitly tells to explore all that nature has to showcase, dhyan essentially asks you to contemplate and introspect to find the eternal truth. Both of these abstracts are important and need to be catered for a better living. So, go on a solo trip, treat yourself with fine dine someday, hit the gym without a gym buddy, just do it and befriend yourself.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to move forward and tread those meanders of life, as mistakes are determined not after committing them but after taking the next step! Steve Jobs learning calligraphy in college was a mistake, until he used it to beautify Mac through fonts. So, committing a mistake, is rather a choice than a chance. Go on, have a passion free, mistaken journey ahead.

Sheer inspiration by Mr. Pushpak Passey.

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