April 23, 2019

Don’t try to flush this ‘TOILET’

It’s embarrassing but I have to say this, “I went to TOILET today”.

I liked the movie, I commend the cast for a superlative performance, I appreciate the message TOILET wishes to convey , and I recommend the movie to one and all – give TOILET a visit at least once, I can assure you that there is nothing shitty about the movie .

At the outset I wish to reiterate that my infatuation with TOILET has nothing to do with my political affiliations, but after reading what I have written , I am pretty sure that people will brand me as a Bhakt out to glorify Modi’s signature projects – Swach Bharat and Shouchalay . Honestly I don’t care.

Anything about Modi is anathema to Congress, hence ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ can find no ‘Prem’ with the Congressies. The disdain with which Congress spokespersons slam the movie as a PR exercise of BJP gives an insight of their regressive thought process, which obviously means emphatic thumbs down to the movie, the protagonists and the innate social message.

Maybe ‘Indu Sarkar’ deserved a Congress snub, but why take umbrage to a movie that talks about a social stigma, the eradication of which benefits scores of rural women?

My innocent question may sound logical to some but to the Congress it’s incredulously that Bollywood has been co-opted by the Modi government to glorify their schemes, however socially relevant or impactful they are.

When Modi talked about ‘Lavatories’ from the ramparts of the Red Fort, guffaws could be heard in the opposition camps because for them a dignified ‘Shouch’ and a dignified life for rural folks were never in their ‘Soch’.

For the Congress their 70 odd years of primary school was dedicated to ‘Garibi Hatao’, and since they never graduated from primary, the secondary school syllabus containing various social schemes remained untouched.

Now tell me, can they be blamed for castigating Modi who has dared to talk of clearing Primary, Secondary, higher Secondary and Graduate exams all in one go? Blasphemous isn’t it?

NDTV’s review of the movie was loaded with sarcasm , they had this to say about the movie – “corny, cringe-worthy mix of entertainment and edification in the service of the much tom-tommed Swachh Bharat campaign” .

‘Tsk tsk’ such third class language , whatever happened to the Luyten finesse , I was left wondering ?

Further, NDTV concluded it’s sarcastic diatribe with this –  “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is crying out to be flushed down the very drain it has popped up from “.



In trying to flush out the Movie , the critics may end-up with a load of shit on their faces.

Forget the critics, I would urge you all to set aside your political preferences – go watch the movie for the humour, the drama and the social message .

‘This TOILET, I swear will not raise a stink’.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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