May 19, 2019

Drenched despite a Raincoat..

Congress was taken to the dry cleaners by the Prime Minister, but no amount of washing can rid the the decades of filth that stains their clothes and CONSCIENCE.

Every time Congressmen create a ruckus demanding MODI’s reply for ‘all & sundry’ issues, they in-fact are inviting trouble for themselves.

They did just that – During the earlier session of parliament, a  hitherto reticent Manmohan Singh rose to question the government on the DeMonetisation scheme . His words ‘organised Loot and Plunder’ didn’t behove of a man of his stature. While leveling his allegation , he conveniently forgot that HE was the facade behind which his party men committed some of the most atrocious corruption in contemporary India.

Modi’s retaliation was waiting to happen. He hit back yesterday with his ‘Raincoat’ analogy. An attack that reminded the Congress that their ‘shoot and scoot’  allegations will be PAID-BACK-IN-KIND.

They talk of decency and decorum, but it only applies to everyone else other than themselves .

 Was Rahul decent when he mocked the country’s Prime Minister with his ‘Pay to MODI –  PayTM’ jibe without any basis or proof ?

Wasn’t it the congress that used the word ‘DOG’ ? HOW can they be decent and decorous using such words. And when MODI does the same, he is demeaning and disrespectful , isn’t this Hypocrisy ?

Let alone MODI , everyone in the country were curious to know what Rahul and his team of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ had up their sleeve that had the potential to create a EARTHQUAKE in Indian political circles.

The Earthquake never came. But MODI did come with his hilarious jibe at Rahul, making a mockery of the Congress scion.

Everytime they open their mouth they end-up shooting themselves in the foot. Every word they utter comes back to haunt them. But they are thick skinned not to realise it.

Congress has lost the moral right to question the government on many issues, especially CORRUPTION.

Like a Bollywood movie that cannot do without its comedians, politics also has its share of comedians, but why has Congress chosen to play the role of a comedian ?


Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter, thanks to all.

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