April 21, 2019

#DressDichotomy: Religious Bigotry?

IMG-20161227-WA0046When an Indian cricketer gets trolled or “un-islamic” attire of his spouse, you know what’s terribly wrong with the proponents of  Islam. Tarek Fatah,noted author and columnist, has written in one of his articles that Muslims are not required to cover up. “Hijab” has nothing to do with morality of Islam. Dress codes for place of worship, social gatherings, educational institutions and workplace is understandable. How do you explain a certain sartorial sense as “Anti-Islamic”? May be a “Taimur” will have a quirky explanation some day. This is a classic case of religious bigotry and liberal and leftists are sleeping over it. Fanatics are losing sleep over it and some are “Comfortably Numb”.

Those who cite reasons of morality and modesty get their tongues tied whenever I ask them how a Muslim Painter,MF Hussain can be liberal enough to paint Goddess Saraswati nude. Should he not be reminded of women modesty and morality. Unfortunately, secularism and liberalism is the last refuge of religious bigots in India. The man who writes “The Satanic Verses” is thrown out of the country and tolerance was preached when it mattered for MF Hussain.

Freedom to choose his/her attire should be universal. No one should be offered liberty to compartmentalize dresses as Islamic or Un-Islamic. When France banned “Burkini” on beaches of France, hullabaloo was created on how a country is dictating people to dress. There has to be a basic sense of appropriateness of  the place. If I choose to go to a beach wearing a “Dhoti”, exercising my freedom to dress, I would be undermining my swimming skills if at all I wish to swim. A “Speedo” would do justice to the freedom of choosing right strokes while swimming or even loitering around on the beach soaking the sun.

Picture Courtesy: BBC News


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