February 19, 2019

Educate the innocent who still Trust News

Nationalists on social media have very big role to play from now on. There is still a big population who watch news channels and read news papers. Ones who are active on social media know what the news traders do. It is our responsibility to engage just five innocent citizens in our surrounding and start educating them with facts.

The road to such teaching is not going to be easy. I have personally seen some close friends getting personal on facebook. While doing so, never get angry with them. They are our own friends, neighbors, relatives or at times office colleagues. The moment they get angry, communicated with them on phone, WhatsApp or if possible meet them and spend sometime. Ask them simple questions like what happens to the children after 20 years with unfriendly atmosphere when we are not around. Give them facts and nothing else. I see a lot of content on WhatsApp groups that is fake and not in good light of the nation and the government. I ask them did you Google search before posting. The answer is “It was a forwarded message”. After all such message I share the facts. A lot of them go silent or leave the group. This is not what we want. Humiliation is not the desirable outcome. Enrolling them into World of Facts is the goal. Unless this is not achieved, the role of a nationalist is half done.

Show them facts. From the oldest to the latest.

Times of India Apology that went unnoticed.

I have personally helped a lot of known people with facts. Best part I have never asked anyone to vote for a party of my choice. Though landed up voting for the same party that I support.

Some of the images that have worked wonders are here on display.


Arrogant 1

news traders

PM Modi Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-50-41

While the government does whatever it takes to give us in shortest possible time we also highlight certain short comings. This is another area that needs to be shared with such people. Even today many think that Bhakt support the government just for sake of it. Once this angle is brought to their notice the job is done.

Screenshot_2016-07-29-09-32-42  Screenshot_2016-08-13-20-58-57

This is just the pointer to make 2019 a memorable election. None should vote because they have been asked to vote a certain party. Each citizen should vote because they have facts and genuine reasons to vote and support a political party.

Picture Credit: YouTube  Links Credit: Times of India. First Post and Twitter.


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