April 21, 2019

Education Sector Lesson’s

CN8-nvOUEAAQ_XxThe governments have ensured that Hindu run schools would get shut down to due stringent regulation but minority run institutes can run without any checks and balances. Even child abuse is accepted as part of minority run institutes because we are a secular nation. One of the sectarian laws that was passed to this extent is the RTE law dividing the country further on religious lines. To a common man it seems that the government is in awe of the church run schools and wants the future citizens of India to forget to wear mehendi, bindis, forehead marks, flowers, bangles and also forget to celebrate holi, etc. All this termed as progressive by the regressive Hindus themselves without any sense of shame much to the joy of the law makers.

The government does not have the will to improve the quality of the education delivered under its control. The teachers who come after the scam ridden teacher training institutes are far worse than those the ancient times when the training was not mandatory. Every additional requirement imposed simply because some local fault of one individual is made a global issue and burden is imposed on everyone. But this burden is only imposed on Hindu run schools as the country is divided into privileged non-Hindus and damned Hindus. How can the schools that do not follow the same norms could deliver the same results and if that is the case what is the need for the norms. This inherent bigotry in the minds of the government is killing the primary education sector which is the most crucial in the times we live in but governments are happy to be choir boys of the church.

The governments have done a great job in the field of engineering education by granting as many licenses to people who wanted to start a college. A lot of these are obtained by politicians and while some are run brilliantly much to the satisfaction of the students a few are now in ruins. The market forces have played and those which could not sustain are getting closed down and only a few students have suffered due to this issue. Neither the governments nor the students are to blame but it is the incorrect decisions at various levels are the reasons for it. The students in the greed for better jobs forgot to check about the various opportunities available for their level of merit simply got into engineering and are now facing the consequences. The government in the hope of minting some money and getting votes gave licenses and failed in imposing the quality requirements and has failed.

In the present situation nobody can blame the government nor can the students blame themselves. It is a collective failure due to incorrect planning. Such mistakes are not a huge burden on the community as a whole but can get corrected within one generation itself. The better institutes deliver value to the student fees while the worst ones would eventually get closed down due to lack of revenues. When the government has delivered in Technical Education sector, one wonders why it has failed to implement the same in the basic education. The issue could be the devious plans of Break India forces because deracinated citizens can be molded only in the young age and it becomes increasingly difficult as the children age to mould them.

The alleged national minorities who are the global majorities would continue to control the levers of power to establish their religious agenda want the future citizens to get detached from the national ideals. The government should realize if there are quality norms for infrastructure then it should be applicable to all or to one. The fascist activists can take a hike and serve their colonial masters and they cannot ask for different input requirements based on which religion the institution founders follow. Even the judicial sermonizers have sided with the global majorities and have turned a blind eye to deny justice to the citizens of India for want of some fame in global scotch circuit.

It is high time the drama of yearly nursery admissions are stopped and the troubles of education section be eliminated by making the laws equal for everyone. Let the fascist activists take a hike to meet their handlers and the government should work to satisfy the citizens of its country not the foreign controlled fascist activists. Time is fast running out as generations are getting brainwashed and deracinated.


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