February 19, 2019

Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi Nahin Sunta

The heading of this article may be a filmi dialogue but for Modi it is real life. Kejriwal is frustrated. After all they wanted to bring Swaraj……


He knows the difference between real enemy and well wishers. Probably Modi is the only living politician who has never acted against his well wishers when they vent their frustration for something not good happening or for a bad decision that is taken by someone down the line.

Dissent is just not allowed in other political party. Even within BJP there would be hardly anyone who would take criticism in the right spirit.

What started in 2002 has continued till date against him. Structured campaign to put him down for smallest of the mistake of someone else. Latest in the series is BLACK MONEY. Media going full throttle to blame Modi for the difficulty being faced by the law abiding citizens.

Can you tell a doctor please operate me but there should be no pain. I want discharge within 15 minutes of surgery.

Dude starting from Jeep Scam to so many G …. we have lost count of scam. Plus the habit of not paying taxes is dinned into the head of the citizens for six decades. What Modi has done is a phase wise exercise. If Jandhan Accounts initiative was not there then even I would have opposed this move.  But now if someone complains then God save them.

Let us evaluate what is happening on ground. Let us expose the trouble makers. Let us ask Editors Guild to come out in open and talk sense.

This is an old creative work or NDTV


Now the latest


Bankers are not enemy of their customers. They are giving extra hours along with police. If there is an issue as media you are free to ask citizens to report the same. But putting them on air only adds to panic.



Now let us have a look at some of the most disturbed political leaders. Frustration is genuine and law abiding citizens know the fact.



Then we have angry young man of politics who tore the document in a Press Conference. News Traders projected him as PM. People like Adi Godrej had to sit and hear his childish answer in FICCI forum. Yes one and only Rahul Gandhi.



One more Kapil Sharma in the making. Just because you are actor you think you can write anything. Even kids know the amount of money Dawood has pumped into bollywood. How actors lined up in Dubai to perform in a function.


BMC did have a reason to go after Kapil Sharma. Hope our CM Devendra Fadnavis saab maintain restrain in helping this Arshad Warsi. BTW Arshad bhaai please go and help Bahubali producers. :-))


The impact is high and obvoius.




Then we have some super intelligent people they think they are bigger than God. Frustration is obvious. Don’t worry seeing your frustration we are happy. Reality is coming out in open.


What was this chap doing when JanDhan Account were being opened? Why didn’t he ask him to open then? Why can’t he lend him some money now?


Inse mileye……….He belongs to famous …………and they Hanged


120 crore Indians should file a defamation suit of just INR 1 on him. He will understand what it means to tag citizens as illiterate, etc………


Some of the most composed people have lost control over their pen and tongue. Only thing left is MC and BC now. Isn’t it?


Next few screenshots sum up the message very clearly.





Credit: Screenshots from Twitter friends and WhatsApp. Always useful for stitching a story. Thanks to all.


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