April 24, 2019

Election Mania..

Electioneering is done and dusted at last. The gladiators can hangup their boots and relax for a while. Now it’s for the voters to seal the fate of the contending Parties and their candidates.

Elections in India have become a monotonously long affairs that sometimes last for more than a month , like it’s happening in Uttar Pradesh now. It’s a taxing exercise that saps the energy out of candidates and the authorities alike.

The innocuous electronic voting machines hold the secret that could decide the fate of thousands of aspirants, vitally these machines will reveal which party secures the people’s mandate to rule. They also hold the answers to the question whether the states that have gone to Polls are set to get a conclusive mandate or a fractured one. The suspense will unravel on the counting day ie on Saturday the 11th. Saturday blues for some and blushes for some.

It’s a prestige battle for MODI, it’s literally a mid-term test for him. A critical phase that could act as referendum of his governance. No wonder, he has invested so much time in UP to really take command and lead the campaigning there. A lot depends on the outcome in UP, a win will bolster MODI’s chances for 2019 and give his policies a renewed fillip. Reforms vital for the sustainment of India’s growth , hinges squarely on the outcome in UP – a rejection of BJP could mean ‘ bye bye – Reforms ‘ and could usher in an era of sops & subsidies that is detrimental to the economy.

It’s a make or break time for Rahul. The Crown Prince awaits his coronation and for that to happen he needs an achievement under his belt, even a facile victory in UP will shore up his image both within the party and among the opposition ranks . But, thus far he has only been playing second fiddle to Akhilesh. Congress campaigning, at best can be summed up as lacklustre and lackadaisical .

Behanji has struck to her staid old campaigning style that unfortunately isn’t something that’s relished by the Media and hence her rallies haven’t been in the Media glare. But she has had a head start, she has her caste equations worked out and in place. And her minority appeasement broadside has taken the Samajwadi party by surprise. She is a contender to watch out for in the event of a hung Assembly.

Sly Mulayam ultimately showed that  ‘Putra Vyamoh’ always trumps, the premeditated drama was a ruse to tactfully sideline an ambitious brother and handover the reins to his son. Amar Singh’s BJP sponsored machinations to split the Samajwadi party came a cropper.

Akhilesh has inherited the genes of his wily father and has also adopted the time tested ‘Muslim+ Yadav’ formula and hopes to cling on to power. He enjoys considerable Yadav support. The tie-up with Congress was a tactical move to woo the Muslims , hoping for a Bihar redux.

Dimple and Aparna enlivened the otherwise dour and drab affair, lending adequate glamour to the election process in the absence of Priyanka .

A weekend that could spell doom for some and fortitude for some , Celebrations for some and sorrow for some .
But non-withstanding the highs & lows, the wins & losses , the rough & tumble – it’s a victory for DEMOCRACY.



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