April 19, 2019


It was the morning of 26th June 1975, when India woke up to NOT being a democracy. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declared internal emergency. The President had issued a mid night order (Reportedly while in the Bathroom)

All her opponents and senior politicians were jailed for 19 months. That is where and how Janta Party was formed which won elections in 1977.

It has been a long period of 41 yrs.

We are a country with 65% of population being under the age of 35 years. Which means, almost 80 crore people were born AFTER (1975) internal emergency was imposed thus implying that all these youngsters, who are the future of India are not even aware of the happenings of these dreadful nineteen months.

It was a horrifying experience. Anyone mentioning a word against the Government or Indira Gandhi was picked up and it was months before that person saw sunlight again. Those in power were settling their personal scores with the innocent .JAB JUNGLE MEIN AAG LAGTI HAI TOH JO PEDH LAGEY HEE NAHIN,UNKA HISAAB BHI HO JAATA HAI..Yes, it was like uncontrollable fire in a Jungle! It was Jungle Raaj. Civil liberties were suspended and one lived in fear of ones life. Volumes could be written about those nineteen months of agony.

If one was to believe reports in a section of media and whispers that even as late as in 2012, imposition of emergency was considered by playing up the bogey of Hindu Terror, taking up from statement of a senior congress leader saying that Hindu Terror was more dangerous than Muslim terror. Word Saffron terror was coined in Parliament by then home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. It is no rocket science to infer as to under whose instructions was it done.

Perhaps, government should consider putting all facts about internal emergency in public domain for common man and those born after 1975 and also historians for what was the darkest period of Indian democracy because of the then congress Government. HRD ministry must add this subject in History syllabus.  We must not be caught in a situation like that of Shahid Bhagat Singh…In sixty years of congress rule; he is being projected as a traitor in History books.

……Let no one in 2050 claim Indira Gandhi to be savior of Indian democracy and Hindus and was she was a saint.

….Congress conferred Bharat Ratna on Indira Gandhi.


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