April 24, 2019

End Game

If we go by the past precedents of the current CJI, the Pramati judgement is an indication that Misraji is not a Core Judge and has got huge biases like any other individual. Several judges have their inherent biases and is becoming evident from the fall out of the cases of the so called Saffron Terror. There are a lot of judges who continue to protect a lot of corrupt and deliver quick judgments based on the evidences available.

But the biggest and the most diabolical move by the anti-Hindu groups might be the alleged last nail in the BJP’s coffin if it continues to play the good boy of Indian politics. Acting like the good boy of Indian politics, BJP has not implemented any equality based policies and has gone into overdrive to appease those sections of voters who would never support its ideology of Bharat.

These things apart, the BJP has not even tried to do something to improve the lives of the non-poor Hindus in spite of being blamed as the non-poor Hindus. The BJP leaders have done more U turn of their statements in spite of speaking the truth and it will be a bit rich to expect the BJP something more for the equality agenda.

This grouse against the BJP remains and will continue to remain for power and it is also important to not hold power but to also to use power for its people. The Congress people have understood this lesson more than necessary. The party uses power mostly to serve their own interests than for the sake of people as it is evident from the poverty levels in this nation.

The way in which the out of power congress has been hounding several institutions especially the judiciary is a lesson for all about the commitment to the ideology. Though the ideology of Congress is not clear, the ideology of the BJP is equally dubious and on most things the two ideologies match point to point except in terms of implementation.

BJP not learning the usage of power for its own ends is the only good thing that has happened for this nation. If BJP too had learned the art of power, then there would have no respite for the citizens of Bharat and now at least we have party who seem to be working for the crores of poor people irrespective of caste, gender, religion or other discriminative factors.

The Congress with its razor sharp focus to its ideology will not rest and those who hope that it rests working are only fools and in this case I hope that I am a fool of the highest order. The way in which the various pawns are being moved in time seem to indicate that this judiciary will put the biggest egg on the face of the BJP and thereby Hindus in some of the crucial issues that are pending in the court.

The non-Core current CJI is now fully supported by the BJP by following the rule book. The powers of the CJI are further strengthened in matters of judiciary by the parliamentary and some more space has been ceded by the parliament in matters of impeachment as the government has virtually said that it does not want to involve instead of trying to gain some space in putting some checks and balances in the judiciary as per the original constitutional arms.

BJP is made to walk the path led by Congress where in the BJP admitted the independence of judiciary. There exists a judicial precedence to deliver judgments not based on scientific evidence but based on feelings of judges and society as was evident in the crackers case. What if the courts deliver some anti-Hindu judgments in spite of having scientific proofs? That will be End Game for BJP and the Hindus would have to start their fight all over again.

It was wise to hold levers to power when an opportunity presents and playing by rule book with crooks will not ensure a victory and is also not a quality of wise men.

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