March 22, 2019

#EndgameSasikala: Mother of all Mergers : EPS and OPS

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Merger of OPS and EPS is a textbook example of having your Paneer and eating it too. Tuesday turmoil would it result in Sasikala being sidelined? The drama has just started unfolding and power equations are changing as fast as “Fate of the Furious”.


OPS has made it quite clear that no member of Sasikala’s family would be allowed in the party. No single family should control the reins of the party. He has invoked Jaya’s legacy again to thrash out details of the merger. Probe into Jaya’s death and the need to put her medical records in public domain has been touted as the Pre requisite for merger.


After getting booked for bribe, Dinakaran support has dwindled and it has forced the camps to iron out differences.


Both camps have made up their minds to reclaim two leaf symbol. Quite surprisingly, the ” Hat” is feeling the heat of rising political temperatures. OPS is definitely the Pole where power axis will be aligned.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, Times Now


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