May 24, 2019


The dispute between the Enron Corporation and Indian federal and state government officials kept getting messier.

In congress Raj, there have been scams and scams and more scams..

May be, congress itself is not regretting it nor is feeling ashamed of its record .

India landed in a situation where it had to face an arbitration in an Intrenationl Tribunal and the amount involved was a huge sum of US$ 6 Billion.

Senior council, Haresh Salve was heading the team from Indian side in 2004, when Sonia led congress came into power, it changed the legal team, which was its prerogative.

Hold your breath. From amongst the entire fraternity of lawyers the world over, Congress led by  Sonia found a lawyer to lead Indian side and that was Khawar Qureshi, of Pakistani origin not withstanding then terror attacks by Pakistan in India…

India lost the case is a secondary issue. Financial loss to India in $ billions and legal fee to Qureshi are issues of no consequence. Relevant questions and doubts are !!

1.Circumstances under which Qureshi was appointed?

2.Who was the Power in Luteyans who forced appointment of Qureshi?

3.Was national security compromised ?

By no stretch of imagination was his appointment a routine affair.

Govt must institute a time bound enquiry by a Supreme Court sitting judge with clear terms of reference and those found guilty must be punished. It is not an election  issue, it is a national issue.

Picture Credit: DNA