April 23, 2019

Facebook’s AI Jarvis Vs NaMo’s AI “Mitron”



Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg showed his daily life using Morgan Freeman’s voiced Artificial Intelligence “Jarvis”. Fans of The Iron Man movie franchise could relate to Jarvis more than rest of the crowd. We have always envied the life Tony Stark(The Iron Man) . The ease and power at his disposal thanks to Jarvis. Facebook’s attempt at AI shows how artificial intelligence could better our lives in days to come. Mark could not have found a better voice than Morgan Freeman. Morgan gave voice to “The Story of God” on History channel. Indeed, a godly voice.

Facebook’s AI expertise could be leveraged by NaMo . A humble suggestion to the Prime Minister. Given the camaraderie enjoyed by Mark and Modi, AI for NaMo app could not be a far fetched idea. The NaMo app is widely popular among government circles and people on social media as well. The official app of Prime Minister of India provides information about latest updates and unique opportunity to receive e-mails and messages directly from the PM, Its a thoughtful forum where ideas can be shared and there is an opportunity to deliberate with wide range of people over matters of nation building.

What could be the possible ways where NaMo app could usher in Artificial Intelligence ? Let me take the liberty of choosing “Mitron” as the name for NaMo’s AI. Now “Mitron” could make life a bit easier for the PM as well as the people who handle the app for him. AI could be used to sift through heaps of messages and emails and with a voice command relevant messages could be retrieved and played for PM. There a umpteen ways in which AI could enrich lives. Mitron might turn things around for PM at Lok Kalyan Marg and those who inhabited Race Course Road earlier might race for another AI. Lets call their AI as “Amul Intelligence”

Picture Courtesy: YouTube

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