April 24, 2019

Factors that will Decide UP and 2019 – Part 1

Plenty of expectation were there from Shri. Narendra Modi when he was declared PM candidate from BJP.

Pan India people were in full swing to support Shri. Modi and the motivation was high. The stakes were high as election was not between BJP and Congress but between BJP vs Congrees+AAP+Left+…..

Citizens spent their personal money and man hours to see Shri. Modi as PM.

What did they want from Modi?

  • All A to Z scams that were narrated by Shri. Modi in his election speech to be put on fast tract, money recovered and scamster in jail.
  • Universal Civil Code. So that real Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Happens in spirit.
  • News Traders to be put in jail legally.
  • Army to be given the respect that it deserves in Kashmir and separatist to be shown their place.
  • Development to be put on fast track.
  • Make livelihood affordable.
  • Article 370
  • Ram Mandir

The list is priority wise. Why? For the simple reason, 2 slogan Modiji gave were Congress Mukt Bharat and Achey Din.

Just 44 MP’s with the help of News Traders are giving night mare to a majority government. We did not vote for this.

BJP wants to earn a lots of brownie points doing balancing act. We did not vote for this.

MSM keeps humiliating BJP party workers on prime time and in print media. We did not vote for this.

In an interview with Rajat Sharma just before elections Modi answered “Kuch logon ko Darna padega..” None scared so far. We did not vote for this.

news traders 1

Bangalore Mirror runs a cover story “EU and Modi gets a Boot”. We did not vote for this.

Soon after this cover page episode Modiji gives exclusive to Arnab. Its the same group. We did not vote for this.

Your own minister Smt. Smriti Irani gets taunted in MSM. BJP ignored right from the time Shri. Sanjay Nirupam insulted her on a live TC show. We did not vote for this.

News Traders are supporting terrorist and make Hero out of them. We did not vote for this.

News Traders are sharing security update on Social Media. We did not vote for this.

Protesting on road in support of Shri. Dayashankar wife and 12 year daughter by BJP is fine. Why no legal help given to get Hon. Supreme Court of India support for the 12 year child. Rape can’t be a revenge for abuse. If BJP can’t support then who will? We all know the protest is a political act. Nothing wrong in it. But quick legal help to get time bound action against Ms. Mayawaitji would be of greater importance.

The 12 year female child is taken to task. Time to put air conditioned activists in the place they deserve is pending for long.   The likes of Smt. Shobha De etc. go in isolation on such issues. Why?

The government can’t be an audience to such disturbance in the society? It has a lot to answer. I have over heard so many issues in public places like restaurants, train, buses, etc. Ponder on some of them:

There is so much unrest in West Bengal, Kerala and UP. Hindus are killed in broad day light and made to leave. Why president rule is not imposed?

Gandhi’s are neck deep in most scams. Why only Dr. Subrmaniam Swamy is taking them head on?

What has BJP done on A to Z scams?

Why Arun Jaitley not discussed on MSM? Why he is not removed despite bad publicity PM keeps getting?

Why only 4 ministers active on social media to address public issue and rest turn blind eye. I have heard a group of people discussing that next general and state elections they will askBJP candidates to sign on stamp paper that they would be reachable and would not throw tantrums when someone visits their office.

To sum it up. Time will fly and Janta Ka Sewak will stand with report card of 60 months. People will not see your ministers power point presentations. They will not even ask for a report card. What they will remember is the experience. Yes experience based on the last 60 months. An the parameter is simple: What did they want from Modi? And What did Modi give in return. 

Two questions need to be attended on priority.

Progress on A to Z scams and Action against News Traders. If not attended, a repeat in 2019 is just not happening.


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