April 21, 2019

Factors that will Decide UP and 2019 – Part 2

Governance is Customer Service - Nation Waiting for Customer Delight

While celebration of two years of https://www.mygov.in/ is much deserved, a lot has to be done.

I know many in BJP and supporters of BJP will raise their eye brows, including team of My Gov. There is a reason why I say so. A whiff from the past to understand what was Value Proposition sold by Modiji to its potential customers. Ohhh again it sounds business like. So be it. As a citizen of India I have the right to express my views which air conditioned studio activists do. But I go one step ahead. I don’t raise issues and paint government in bad light just because it satisfies my ego.

DSCN7820I raise my concern without mincing words because Modiji sold a dream to the nation and I am one customer of that dream. I bought the dream. I voted for him and not for BJP. What Modiji has done is fabulous. It impresses the world and all nationalists. But I am not impressed.


Modiji in his own style has mentioned more than once that he is JANTA KA SEVAK. High regards to him. He has lived up to his promises. He said give me 60 months and I will stand before you with my report card. No needs Sir. Like me millions will vouch for you.

There is thin difference between Customer Service and Customer Delight. So what is it?

Just like a television commercial a Prime Minister is duty bound to deliver what is promised. If he is delivering on what is promised. That is Customer Service. For six decades Roti  Kapda aur Makaam was promised and not delivered. Big time failure of customer service. On the contrary the condition of lower income group and middle income group went from bad to worse.

Back to Modiji…..

We have not seen tangible results on certain areas like A to Z scams (How many alphabets unearthed), News Traders (each day they are becoming strong and openly selling their soul to anti national elements in the name of FOE), Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas (what started with Shri Man Mohan Singh “Muslims have first claim to resources” has gone beyond. Recently on Eid Airtel did not charge extra on SMS pack to its subscribers. Why. Why Hindus need to pay premium on their festival? What did the government do? Besides this, there are umpteen examples of Hindus taking a back seat. Faster Universal Civil Code is implemented, better for nation) . News traders are taking undue advantage of Freedom of Expression. High time show them the place where legally they are supposed to be spending their next couple of months like Kamlesh Tiwari. Why different set of laws for common people and news traders.

While cancelling licenses of NGO’s that have not followed government directives falls in Customer Delight category. There are separatist who keep adding fuel to fire in J & K and not put behind bar permanently is poor Customer Service.

One area where Modiji has excelled is development but then that also falls in Customer Service. Why? ‘cos this was promised and we find no miracle in that.

Yes one area that Modiji has gone beyond expectation is creating respect for Indians. For the first time we as Indians are proud to say we buy Made in India and I am an Indian. Highest level of Customer Delight.

Back to some over enthusiastic team of My Gov.

We appreciate your efforts. What about Customer Delight? Answer few questions to yourself?

How does an individual get an appointment with the PM? There is no option. Why don’t you create an automated process to seek an appointment with the PM. One example of waste appointment with PM.

Shri Shatrughan Sinha meeting PM with family. What value did it add? There are much more deserving citizens who would have used that time to convey some important message.

There are citizens sending registered Acknowledgement Due letter to PM. No process to follow up. What use is Digital India if a simple appointment can’t be given to deserving citizens.

Shri Akhilesh Mishra (Director – My Gov) would do a great service to the nation if he and his team can create an appointment page with PM. No matter how late but citizens would be happy to at least get confirmation of the same. There is no email id either. Why? If it exist then I missed out and all the more concern to make it visible.

The impression that I have drawn over the last two years on My Gov is “It is by the select few and for the select few” make it simple please. In order to push too much of social media element, it has become “Bhool Bholaiya”.

What is easy according to me?

Moment someone types the URL he / she gets following options:

If I have to communicate with PM. Be it grievance then it is a herculian task.

This is poor customer service. Very complicated.

Make it simple. Add few buttons to make it user friendly:

(1) Appointment with PM (here you can have drop windows to check why a citizen wants an appointment. It could be share achievements, research / innovations, grievance from someone senior in government, etc).

(2) Routine grievance drop window you already have somewhere hidden inside the site.

Then there are robot like back end staff handling grievance on My Gov. I have personally noticed they do a monotonous job. Appointment asked from Shri JP Nadda for presentation on Organ Donation. Have written very explicitly that I don’t need funds. But they direct me to some other place and close my request. Is this Customer Service? Is this Digital India?

At times I read about some deserving kids being helped by Modiji for medical assistance of their parents in newspaper because they had written to PM.


With due respect Modiji,  your Honorable Office has the authority to do so. And it is great gesture. But how does such information go to media unless intended?

The list is endless. Gist is simple.

What you promised and delivered is no great news. That is Governance and good Customer Service. What you deliver without promising is Customer Delight.

So far news traders and 44 have been dictating the narrative without news instead other way round.

Nation looks at you with HOPE. Balancing act and earning brownie point will not help. Go ahead and deliver without fear of what media will paint. What we have seen is main stream media, NGO’s, amnesty are not for the law abiding citizens. Let us go full throttle on what has to be done for the nation without fear of what various stake holders will say.

Benefits reserved and to be showered six months before 2019  will only reduce the numbers from 282 to less.

Unless that happens 44 > 282

A concerned Customer loves to get associated with Strong Brand and Customer Delight. Not with Weak Brand and poor Customer Service. Brand Modi has to be surrounded by more performers and not just four key ministers. Trust better sense prevails.

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