April 20, 2019

Failed Gandhian Ideology

The government of India has been spending crores of rupees to keep the unwise ideology of Gandhi as the basic ideology of Indians. The government has been promoting the fake anti-life ideology as the most important aspect as the freedom movement. Even after spending huge sums of money it is a miracle that people are not very fond of this ideology nor of this person then there something that must be at fault with the ideology and the character of the person.

There are numerous statements that make Gandhi’s political ideology as anti-Life. It is not my case to again say every single one of them. A few of the glorious statements are telling citizens to die at the hands of their torments and to support the invaders in their wars. How would any individual who asks giving up arms in self defense and seeking to work against the national interests is considered as the father of the nation. The ideology of Gandhi should have been parked in the dustbin of the Indian history because Gandhi did not get us freedom.

The government should stop spending money on Gandhi and also stop promoting his various failed ideals. Truth is not absolute and speaking truth is neither possible nor is pleasant. Our shastras consider that there are several layers in the meaning of truth and what is considered as Truth is highly contextual. A simple idiotic statement like always speak truth is idiotic and there are ample evidences in Gandhi’s life where he lied with a straight face to his followers. The life of Gandhi is about lies, deceit and yet he is promoted as an ideal whose life is to be imitated.

The government should instead spend the Gandhi tax on improving the lives of the citizens. Inspite of government not spending even single rupee on the life of Rama, his ideals have spread all corners of the world. The life of Hanuman and other historical figures is a source of inspiration to millions of Indians. But facts and truths are considered a problem to the constitutional beings. If the government of India even promotes the ideals followed by the real historical figures of the ancient India, then the situation would have been different.

Centuries old individuals like Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Drona, Bhisma, Laxmana, Vamana, Prabhalda and hundreds of kings and saints are still a source of inspiration. The lives of these individuals are a reference to many Indians. But the government does not even spend a dime to promote the glorious lives of these people and inspire more number of people. But anti-India people are using Ravana, Ekalavya and other faulty characters to put salt into the government inflicted cultural wounds of the Hindus but for Hindus life goes on.

I hope that the government stop spending money on fake ideologies of Gandhi and start promoting the lives of real inspiring individuals. The Gandhian ideology is neither followed by individual nor a nation in any corner of this world. Yet the Indian government continues to supply the delicious tax money to the lazy individuals to keep the gravy train running while forgetting to pay tributes because whom this nation exists as a single entity from the beginning of times. The government should realize that if the ideology has inner strength then it does not need promotion from the tax money. A failed product or an ideology cannot be marketed and make people to buy inspite of spending millions of tax money.

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