April 19, 2019


While congress has the credit of creating Bhindrawale – A Fake Hero, who later went on to become afrankenstein  and resulted in Operation Blue Star, MSM too has created many Fake Hero, the list is endless. For present we are discussing only four such entities.

kanhaiya-647_032316071746Kanhaiya from JNU has the unique distinction of Bharat ke tukde tukde. For want of TRP media went over board to cover him. They keep taking his views on various matter of national importance in a way that some of the toppers of UPSC exams must be wondering what is it that they did not read, to not have qualified to get interviewed. CM Bihar spared time for him and all time self declared messaih of Bihar Laloo too received him with opened arms. What is his achievement and family background. Needless to mention, everyone knows. Yes such a student has an i phone and takes a flight from Mumbai to Pune when a state roadways bus is best option for poor.

Kejriwal is another darling of MSM. Be it restoring electric connections of the defaulters or using Shaheed Bhagat Singh for his petty politics.hqdefault MSM was always been by his side. Who knew AK? No one. What are his achievements? Dozens of baseless allegations and half a dozen defamation case to fight. The brief case of evidence against Sheela Dixit is misplaced while shifting to his CM bunglow. May be Delhi Police can be blamed for that as well if not the movers and packers. A person who was projected to give a tough fight to PM and may  replace him one day was the height of day dreaming by MSM. The anchor in Krantikaari  channel continue to enjoy his life.

rik 069Yasin Malik who killed Indian Air Force Officers in cold blood was invited by the same company for a conclave despite protest from Kashmiri Pandits has now attacked the crew of the same company in Kashmir. It hurts and it’s painful. You feed a snake with live interviews and putting him on the same dias where only select fewaditya have the opportunity to go and speak. What is the ROI? It’s laughable if Rahul Kanwal was expecting a high tea for his crew from this terrorist. What is Rahul Kanwal contribution to this country as compared to Gaurav Sawant and Shiv Aroor in the same company? Zero. He along with others was talking about unemployment in Kashmir as reason for taking guns. The content that you create for TRPs without realizing the damage to the nation and to your own self is beyond calculation. The terror is not in KASHMIR. The terror is at door steps. These terrorists don’t deserve air time and appearance in any events, they deserve legal action and jail. Nothing less than that.

malalapIf you thought this is happening in India then you are badly mistaken. Take this international PR driven sample of MALALA. Attacked in malalaPakistan, taken to London for treatment and voice of millions of her age gets NOBLE Peace Prize. She also has busy appointment schedule. I thought the Peace Prize was by UN. Either there is something wrong with UN or with the title. This girl is concerned about Kashmir in India not about atrocities by Pak in POK and Baluchistan. Are we fools sitting out here to digest any rants from such Peace Prize Winners. She is fortunate to have global media go tom toming  everything she says.

Why did MSM support such organisation? What did congress do all these years? NaMo government has another two years for this reply. But the bigger question that we are discussing for now is how many more FAKE HERO will be created by MSM? With REPUBLIC setting Nationalist agenda at least at face value for how long the contemporary anchors live in denial?

Well Social Media is ruthless and will spare none.

Picture Credit: India Today Twitter Twitter YouTube Roots in Kashmir


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