May 20, 2019

FAST that got Late

Mahatma Gandhi used FAST as a weapon for Freedom Movement. After Independence lot of politician used the same as weapon to demand various genuine needs and at times as a arm twisting tactics. None in any political party would have ever thought that a FAST would be used to create humor at the start of summer and a hot political season.

Most of the cities in India have horrible traffic conditions. Take for example a person leaving Borivali IC colony  in Mumbai by car at 9 am will reach Vashi railway station by 11:30 am. A person leaving Nariman Point in Mumbai at 6 pm will reach Andheri Versova by 11:30 pm. By the way this is idea condition. If luck is not on his side he/she may be late by another half an hour to one hour. A person trying to get in Churchgate fast local train at 8 am at Mira Road in the morning may succeed by 9:30 am during peak hours.

Basically common man is used to FASTING on a daily basis.

Now let us sample the labor class. A labor has limited source of income and has only train and bus as option for commuting. Imagine a labor staying in Kalyan going to JNPT or Panvel has to travel by state roadways bus. These buses are more of Mumbai Darshan. Before hitting the main highway they keep moving in city for good half an hour to forty five minutes. This labor starts from home empty stomach with his lunch box ( the only meal in a day) and by the time he has his lunch it is 2 pm.  He leaves JNPT or Panvel at 6 pm and reaches home by 10 pm.

The leaders of today need to be exemplary and need to be seen doing something that is not laughable. Fata Kurta act was a stage act and any Fata Kurta leader if real will never have to go on FAST. He would be on FAST by default.

It would be news when he is seen eating his DAAL ROTI in his own MAKAAN.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter


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