April 23, 2019

Father’s Day: Think about these Children

IMG_20160730_012433Today as we celebrate Father’s Day let us not debate on how influenced are we from the western culture? As long as there is no damage done to our culture directly or indirectly we need to maintain low profile and allow people celebrate. What is important is the need to show empathy to the children who lost their FATHER for the Nation.

Let us spend this day thinking about so many children of the Martyrs, let us spend this day sharing some of the real life stories of the Martyr’s children, let us spend this day sharing successful stories of children who made it big coming from very difficult and financially weak background.

Our children needs to know about them. When our children become parent they need to be empathetic.

malalaThe world is changing much faster than we anticipate, courtesy national and international politics. Malala is concerned about Kashmir but not Baluchistan. What kind of learned girl is she?

Global PR has presented her in a way as if she has done wonders and saved lives that none other could have done. If the Peace Prize was really genuine then she would have advocated for thousands of children killed and left homeless in Baluchistan.


Come to India we have media who makes hero out of zero. They keep going to meet people who have zero regards to the Nation. But have little or no time for the family of martyrs. Why? Check these pictures and it sums up the debate.shahid-salami-single


19225801_10213224445868796_7819534457449811279_n  inside-1

What is the contribution of Break India forces that they get so much attention? The answers are there with most of the nationalists. The need of the hour is to discuss this with our family and children. Not everyone is on Twitter. Take these two case in the pic.


Both children come from different background. The approach is same. Only difference is the ideology their FATHER had for the NATION. 

As we debate these issues we also need to look at our Defence Forces, playing role of Father in difficult times.

 kashmir 2

Father is not just a blood relation, it is Pious relationship that men in Uniform display when civilians are in need. Let us pay our respect and continue to look at our Defence Forces in this light. They play many roles for us. Our comfort and happiness is an outcome of these martyr’s, serving officers and their brave family too.

Least we can do is keep these brave children and their family in our Prayers. Change the way we celebrate Father’s Day. Can we?

Picture Credit: Dainik Bhaskar, screen shots from Twitter. TopYaps 


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