April 20, 2019

Father’s Day

Father’s day is observed on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world including India. Each year people across globe celebrate the love, the sacrifices that a Father does for his child. We in India sometime forget to acknowledge fatherhood ignoring the bond between Father and child.

It is a day to celebrate fatherhood and recognize the person who is our inspiration, guidance and support.

I can think of a few reasons why this day is not seen as much when compared to the mother’s day.

Firstly, talking about fathers and father’s day is not thought of being as cool as compared with that of mothers.

However, this lack of enthusiasm becomes disturbing when it stems from a lack of gratification. Fathers unfortunately and sadly lose their importance gradually as we grow up, though a certain amount of respect is always attached.

I just wish that we would acknowledge and celebrate it with the same ardour as we do on other similar occasions.

I would also like to mention why it is necessary to earmark specific days like this. It is very easy to say that every day should be like a Mother’s day or a Valentine’s day and so forth, but the truth that doing something special on this day makes them feel a bit more happy than usual. Also, it is that much more memorable and that the experience can be easily recollected than if it would have happened on any other generic day so to say.

Our mother has showed us the right direction but do you know who’s hands were on your head while you were walking down the path of life. it was not god, it was your father who is an invisible source of support that you have failed to recognise all these years since you were blinded by society that mom is world and fathers is husband of your world, but actually he was the one who created a universe for you and world was a part of that universe.

Lets keep silence for 2 minutes for all the fathers and men who did not get their share of respect due to a simple fact that society have glorified mother but failed to acknowledge contributions by our fathers.

A day to celebrate the unsung heroes of each family. Being a father is like walking on a tight rope between two poles.

Father is a symbol of strength like a foundation upon which a house is built upon.

Wish each day of yours with your father is happy and an even happier Father’s Day !!