May 21, 2019

Fear of Flop

Fear Factor in real life of Bollywood

For years bollywood and related people have taken things for granted. Journey that started with making fun of Hindu Gods and Goddesses has ended up talking against the interest of the nation.

The only thing they fear is Fear of Flop.

Karan J, Priyanka Chopra……. list is long. These bolloywood people who became crorepati because of the love and affection of lower income group and middle income group Indians have to remember time has changed. Same mistake was done by congress and they are reduced to 44 in Parliament. Tentatively they may have to settle down with Innova or a auto rickshaw to send their MPs in 2019.

Pro Pak syndicate in Bollywood should get ready for consistent disasters at the Box Office. The might of citizens have spoiled the sales figures of a giant like Unilever by patronising Pantanjali. Same is the outcome of Chinese products.

This bunch of Pro Pak bollywood people want their share of Freedom of Speech as a blank cheque but want to behave like Police when the citizens speaks their heart out. They sign letters to block visa of Modi and call his murderer. And then have the audacity go and have a cup of tea.

It hurts them when citizens want to express themselves. My grandfather often used to say Angrez Chaley Gaye Khudchan Chod Gaye. The feudal psychology is still visible. May 2014 general election result is the answer. The masses have replied to Congress. The masses will keep replying in the most civilized way to Bollywood as well.

Nothing is above the Nation. Bollywood is business. They have no right to talk losses. No one compels them to make films. Stand alone cinema house have taken a conscious call to not encourage films that have any connect with Pakistan. Even they are in business. They know the loss of revenue. They too have employees. They are not cribbing.

Did Aamir Khan SRK Salman Karan Johar Priyanka make a single statement when MF Hussain was making stupid paintings in the name of Art? None have the guts to make films on other religion. It is the grace of Hindu religion that anti nation media and anti Hindu films have seen day of the light. But this grace should not be taken for granted. Either have the spine to touch other religions or else refrain from making films that hurt Hindu sentiments.

Back to the main topic. These bollywood big shots have dual approach. They earn from Hindi films and speak english as if they are born and brought up in US. Then they want to bring constitution and fundamental rights to show that they are being targeted. Dude please for heaven sake decide what on earth you want? Same actor when they have to go through security check at US airports they feel offended. Take lessons from Dr. Kalam. Though he as ex President had an exception but still he was searched. He did not even complain.

Grow Up. Nothing is permanent.

Waqt hai phoolon ki sez

Waqt hai kaanton ka taaz

Kaun jaaney kis ghadi

Waqt ka badley mizaaz.

Picture Credit: Osceola Heritage Park


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