May 24, 2019

Few stray thoughts for the Week End…

1. Demonetisation is still on every ones lips and rightfully so. Impact would be more clear by Jan 2017. And more surprises from the Government awaited …Benami properties and what?

2. Ex PM Manmohan Singh finally broke his silence in the parliament yesterday again at Sonia Gandhi’s insistence. Wonder what he does independently. India was in shambles for ten years under his regime when all the scams mushroomed under his nose though he is supposed to be the most honest man on earth…so what? And now he can’t see an active PM doing his bit for the country. Sad.

3. Ball tampering issue: Virat Kohli has been clearly supported by the ICC in a biased way. India can financially arm twist any country in the cricketing world. If Faf Du plessis could be fined there is no reason why Kohli can’t be fined principally. Sachin too once came close to fining for ball tampering…But then BCCI is a different praani…

4. Dear zindagi looks like a refreshing movie directed by Gauri Shinde…love the amazing creative couple R Balki and Gauri Shinde…”Reel” movers and shakers couple.

5. The world is eagerly awaiting Donald Trumps major move after he took over…what will it be?

6. Finally 33 ladies bars may get on the floor again …hope they mention the date specifically as this has been going on for a long time.

7. Sallu’s Romanian Gf apparently is back again to Galaxy after reports of a break up. Looks like this womania from Romania is hell bent and much more motivated than his other GFs..
As the song from Gangs of Wassaypur goes….Ho Romaniya…Aa ha womaniya…Yehe Romania..Oh Womaniya..Oyi womaniya

It would be time saving for Sallu to have a “Court” marriage considering the amount of time he spends in court for all his cases.

8.Lot of Bao options (which are steamed buns, round smooth and soft) in town which has not been tried. They can be filled with interesting stuff. Wada pav make way..Ghee roast mutton bao, Tofu Bao, Bulgogi bao, Raw banana bao, Sweet bao etc…Please don’t over eat else dost kahenge jaada “Bao” kha raha hai aaj kal.

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