April 19, 2019

Filmdom in FOCUS

THE sleaze behind the greasepaint was always talked about in hush hush tones and what little of the industry’s dark side that emerged in the public domain was invariable sensational news.

The casting couch, although denied vehemently by the industry of its existence , is in practice to this day . The quid-pro-quo ensures that it stays under-wraps with the abused (and obviously not the abuser) never coming out to corroborate the existence of such a hideous couch for obvious reasons .

The ‘Suchi Tapes’ opened a Pandora’s box baring the scuz in the Tamil film industry . But ‘Kollywood’ went into a huddle , fire-fought to ensure that the dirty secrets of the tapes did not completely spill out into the open .

The abduction and molestation of a prominent Malayalam actress (some reports even claim that the actress was raped ) laid thread bare the unsavoury happenings in the film industry in ‘God’s own country’ . The love triangle (or is it quadrangle ?) , the gossip , the jealousy , the breakup , the hatred and the perverted revenge are not scenes of a ‘Reel-life’ potboiler , they are scenes straight out of the Real life of cinema Stars throwing light on the ‘X- rated Life behind the grease paint’.

Bahubali took ‘Tollywood’ to new highs , it so transpires that the highs were not just restricted to the movies if the developments of the last few days in Hyderabad are to be believed. Drugs and ‘Tollywood’ seem to be synonymous , and the coming together of the two has taken the industry to new highs – ‘the highs of narcotic notoriety ‘.

Nexus between the drug peddlers and the Stars , Directors and Producers has uncovered the filthiness that the industry has descended into .

The Stars of the surreal world of Telugu celluloid live in a surreal trance induced by ‘Heroin , Opium and Ecstasy’.

The enamoured fans who worship the demigods of the glitzy world of glamour will be shocked to know that after a day of ‘Lights , Action , Camera’ the Gods and Goddesses of cinema descend into the underworld of ‘ Dope , booze and Immoral Relationships’.

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