May 20, 2019

Final Lap: Next 2 Years of Modi Govt.

As NaMo said in 2014 ” You gave 60 years to congress, give me 60 months….”.

36 months over another 24 to go. Much has been established and long editorial written during the day. Therefore, we are focusing on next 24 months in store. Out of that next 12 months will set the tone for 2019. The battle field is different from 2014. Lot has changed in MSM and in  various states across the country. Crores of new voters (1st timers) shall be there to exercise their voting right. Dozens of frustrated news traders though biting dust but still willing to fire the final bullet like a bollywood villain. Agitated congress workers who are enjoying the benefits of congress mukt bharat but still compelled to support their PRINCE multiple come back drama. Nation moving ahead without caring for them at fast speed.

What a way to complete three years. Raid at P Chidambaram and Laloo’s places. National Herald case in advanced stage. Hon. Supreme Court of India taking cautious steps on Triple Talaq as if their wrong decision are equivalent of stepping on a live landmine in naxal den. GST being implemented. So much happening.

And not to forget. Illegal NGOs being shut and many more on their watch list. Lutynen bunglows vacated legally. Netaji Subhash Chandra documents made public.

Tangible achievements are being discussed. There is something we need to discuss beyond that. NaMo has successfully channelized the energy of millions of Indians. Be it youth, working class or senior citizens. He has set the narrative to achieve and also criticize him. Citizens have never discussed and written to a PM ever before. Ones who had complaint with NaMo on A 2 Z scams will be relieved with raids at Chidambaram house today. Though too little but you may never know what might be in store in next 24 months. Surgical Strike was announced, it was executed. A lot is on the cards in next 24 months with regards to terrorism. On financial front the government will certainly reward the middle class in next two budgets. NaMo and BJP handling of broad light killing in West Bengal and Kerala will further add to the number of seats in 2019. Separatist being removed from Kashmir. Rohingyas and illegal bangladeshis removed from our land. Expect a lot of fire work against the anti nationals and rewards for law abiding citizens.

Final lap will be a memorable period for all of us. And most disgusting period for the anti nationals and news traders. Are you ready? NaMo will not let his voters down. Only a word of caution. Secular was not added by Dr Ambedkar it was Indira, so lets not play secular secular game, it serves no purpose.

Jai Hind

Picture Credit: Bharatiya Janata Party


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