March 19, 2019

Final nail in the Coffin

The Hindus have been tricked into believing that more they vote for BJP it would close the coffin of the Corrupt Party of the nation. The proverbial “final nail in the Coffin” has never been placed and cannot be placed because the Corrupt party is not one body but several hundreds of bodies living at the same time. It is like the Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter series where he has broken is soul and placed in different objects so that he can be safe from getting killed. The Corrupt party is more intelligent than Lord Voldemort and hence has placed its soul in the hearts and minds of several Pidis who work for the grace of the leader of the Corrupt party. The Hindus have always been tricked into deception and will be tricked several more times in the future too. This is not a new phenomenon and the same trick will be repeated and will succeed because the tricksters seem to have mastered their trade.

The BJP always appeals to large sections of Hindus who have no religious agenda except the hope for betterment in their day to day life and want a peaceful society. The anti-Hindus who are the sacred vote bank of the Corrupt party have no agenda for betterment but only of ideology. This is difference of expectations between Hindus and anti-hindus is because of the fact that the government allows the anti-Hindus get wealth from the rich foreign nations and then loots the money of the Hindus using various laws. The Hindus are tricked easily because the government has the habit of giving lollipop justice to Hindus. The lollipop justice means snatching some benefit of one group to appease another group or selectively giving additional benefits to a group. While one group gets the sweet the others get only the stick of the lollipop.

Why the BJP is a party of tricksters and not real performers for the Hindus? The answer is that BJP was never a party of Hindus but a political arm within the ambit of secular constitution. Justice Pakis think they are more muslim than their Arab counterparts, the political party called BJP hopes to be more secular, more socialist than is expected of it and hence it cannot dream of being supportive of Hindus except in times of seeking the votes for getting power. There are not many leaders within the BJP who have given common Hindu only benefits without paying a tax in the form of special scholarships, grants and others to the anti-Hindus. The small minded politicians of the BJP worship the leaders of the anti-Hindus. Nobody has seen any leader of the corrupt parties praising lavishly the institutes run by the Hindu seers but the BJP leaders want to give control of education, health to groups which oppose nationalistic forces.

No wonder most of the BJP leaders are without any self respect and their empty rhetoric is only for the purpose of showing off their alleged Hindu credentials. One might wonder if most of the BJP leaders are pseudo-Hindu in nature because of their actions. We have leaders of BJP who have opposed to the rituals that happen in temples, oppose the use of animals in temples, abused hindu festivals, support destroying the family sytem, support enemy state citizens, promote the alien cultures and anti-Hindu ideologies directly or indirectly. The desire of Hindus in general and BJP leaders in particular to get appreciation and applause from anti-Hindus and get the certification of alien credentials is very dangerous to the cause of the survival of Hindus. BJP at best can be called a party of difference but the difference is only in the aspects of providing a tiny bit of better governance. It is not like BJP is Corrupt party plus cow but central BJP can be said to be a Corrupt party minus a bit of corruption.

All the voters who have thought that by voting to BJP they are hitting the final nail in the Corrupt party have been fooled perfectly. Even after disastrous defeat faced by the Corrupt party in various elections , the BJP leaders does not seem to have full control over the various governmental institutes. The ministers seem to be floating in clouds enjoying the benefits of the tricks played on the people. The tricksters will claim that they have filled the ghadda made by the Corrupt party and now need chance to take India at a faster growth rate and to give benefits of development to the poor. This trick will mostly work because the state of delivery has improved under the current BJP government and also because of the poor expectations of the Hindus from the government that they have voted. The mindset of Hindus is such that at least we have got the stick of the lollipop may be the next time we might get the candy side in the future.

The BJP will continue to do its secular governance by remaining mute spectator to the various attacks by parts of the Corrupt party. The Hindus cannot seek protection from the BJP because a secular party cannot favour a religious group because of secularism. The various governmental agencies infested by the souls of the Corrupt party will continue their work and the BJP may further aid them by giving more powers to the pidis of the corrupt party. The proverbial “final nail in the coffin” would not for the Corrupt party but all the nails are for the existence of the Hindus only. Until a Hindu party comes into the picture to uphold the Hindu aspirations the BJP will continue to play tricks and the Hindus will happily hammer more nails in their own coffin. The Hindus should forget the lollipop justice but must make collective demands which will always be a fantasy.

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