April 21, 2019

Fire in the Hole

“If imaginations can be considered facts, there would be no Justice“

One should not bother about the quote above nor the statements that are pulled out of thin air because the reality exists somewhere else. In the article “slumping-modi-needs-thermonuclear-tests” available at https://bharatkarnad.com/2018/06/03/slumping-modi-needs-thermonuclear-tests/ is more of rheoteric. Even the modi-hating-core-agenda-follower-rightwing-supporter would most likely have a smile on his face. One should always thank articles that border on Pappu’s logic and bring happiness to the people.

“Modi’s political stock is falling. …. Over-confidence in Karnataka…by-election defeats in UP….under the disastrous RSS selection as chief minister, Yogi Adityanath……. appointment of RSS a pracharak (Manohar Lal Khattar in Haryana) ……marked the beginning of the downward spiral for the PM.”

Modi himself was a RSS Pracharak and is the current PM. There must be something in the RSS that is able to get its people into top posts. If the same had been achieved by some university, then the entire liberal cabal would have lined up outside the gates of the institute and made a circus. But RSS is untouchable and its men even more. The constitution does not bar RSS men from taking on any post in the nation and apart from this if any other criteria exists to judge, please do.

“strangulation of the leather and bovine meat export …… dominated by the Muslim community ….. reduce BJP’s footprint and Modi’s credibility as leader and modernizer”

Whether Muslim community is angered or not is a different matter. Hindu community wanted the stoppage of Cow slaughter and the government followed the directive principles. I hope that Muslims too believe in the Constitution and are subject to it.

“PM’s jaw-dropping anti-science statements equating Indian myth with scientific accomplishment….”

Everyone has a right to an opinion and the opinions cannot suit a set of people. Most of the Indians are appalled by the hare brained ideas of a class of people and are disgusted by some analysis of a few. It is one thing to talk about the Indian stories in one’s choice of words and it is completely when they are twisted in the name of Indology by racist individuals. I have never seen any intellectual of a particular kind to say that all that was nonsense.

“….400 million unemployed and under-employed youth in the job market ….”

One million was 10 lakh and 400 million equals 40 crores. This number would be almost 2/3 of the working population and I really wonder if they are really underemployed. The exaggeration is extremely on the higher side. If the youth who passed the IoI designed system cannot fetch jobs or become job creators and policies killed entrepreneurship then the blame rests on the door of IoI. BJP government on the other hand has been promoting the job creators with Mudra Loans and some research would have been better.

“….. with the kind of sweeping mandate the people had given him to reorder the system and revolutionize the government’s way of working.”

All I would say is that people should visit the site at mygov to learn the achievements of the government. 11months still available and a lot of work need to be done. If only the dishonest intellectuals talk about the constitutional issues, the government could have been dragged to do its work. GST was nothing according to the special set of intellectuals.

“So what can Modi do to revive his prospects in the short time available to him? New and catchy, alliterative, slogan-promises — yawn! — of radical big bang reforms won’t anymore cut the mustard. …”

Modi regime has done something for everyone and GST is a little reform and it has already cut the balls of several. Those whose balls were cut are paying their dishonest money parked elsewhere. Slogans, promises are for the congress and achievements will be shown by the BJP like that of Bank accounts, LPG supply, Electricity supply, etc.

“….. the Indian military can do zilch against the ready Pakistani forces …….”

If the narrative controllers stop doing nagin dance to the tunes of ISI then the agenda could have been easily set in the Islamic Kashmir. But nagin dance is too good to be given up and even the Indians are doing the work of the ISI and then expect that Indian army to do something. How often we see the special class of intellectuals to talk about the nonsense called Islamic Stone Pelting. Zilch.

“….. the Big Bang that comes from a resumption of underground testing of big yield thermonuclear weapons that, besides obtaining a proven, reliable, and respect-inducing hydrogen weapons inventory for the country ,….”

Somebody surely has lost his sanity. While others have lost their sanity the moment Yogi was made the CM of UP, a few others have lost it because Modi is not going to war with Pak. What was surgical strike? Zilch according to the intellectuals.

“…. the thermonuclear tests have to be full bore, full yield, to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to their attributes. DRDO head Christopher Raj has said that tests can be undertaken at a short notice, implying there are spare L-shaped tunnels in Pokhran to set off these test explosions …..”

The desire to see thermonuclear tests may be genuine but the timing of the desire is strange. Why would Modi destroy the growth story of India which he built with so much hard work. All I would say that some people are hoping that Modi’s dreams of a resurgent India catch fire and he lose in the elections. But in reality there is a fire burning in some special places for some special people.

Fire in the Hole, Burnol Laga lo.

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