July 17, 2018

Firework and Satyamev Jayatey

Countdown for Reality

Change is permanent.

People who feel they can dictate terms because they are in power and loaded with cash are badly mistaken. Truth need not be spoken, it will emerge from no where. Truth is like a small sapling. Sooner or later it is going to be a tree. One who stands by truth can tie the trouble makers to the tree. Ones who supports the truth will enjoy the shade of the tree.

Just before Diwali season the sale of crackers / fireworks starts modestly and it becomes crazy as Diwali nears.

Let us now get to the real message. Yadav family dispute whether real or fabricated is busy in fireworks. Obedient son who once used to say will do whatever Netaji says is now wanting Netaji to do what he wants.

Months of searching of Successor of Shri Ratan Tata globally ended with Shri Cyrus Mistry. Don’t know what the world thought about it. But Indians were happy and had moved on. Blame gaming has started with some facts and figures. People now are more well informed than earlier. This is going to be a big Satyamev Jayatey story to keep track. Meanwhile, stocks are behaving like chinese products. No guarantee. Buy at your own risk.

Judgement on Shri Yedurappa court cases is one more Satyamev Jayatey story to remember. Paid media and congress have a big price to pay in Karnataka. Never in my life I had felt bad for any politician than him. He tried every possible decent thing to get party support but media pressure was so high that BJP top brass gave up.

This list is endless.

Three take away from recent development. 

  • Mistry is a clear winner. Modi government can use his expertise in second term. Fit profile for next CAG.
  • BJP should stand by its leaders not by what Prime Time Adalat agenda.
  • Once Shri Ratan Tata said He was asked to pay bribe by a Union Minister in 2010 for his proposed airlines. Connect this with Dr. Swamy claim on Tata Deal.

Enjoy the fire work at Tatas and SP in Uttar Pradesh. NGOs need not bother. These are eco friedly and noiseless too.

Credit: Economic Times and Live Mint for the URL. And IAEF for picture. 

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