March 19, 2019

Flag Hoisting – Good Gesture by a Housing Society

There is a thin difference between Accomodating and Compromising.

You accomodate with happiness and without force and when you compromise it leaves pain.

A housing society on the outskirts of Mumbai chose to Accomodate on 15th August.

We spoke to Mr. Prakash R one of the residents there and this is what he had to say about the entire event.

I had seen the video of #MeraSankalp and thought of doing something different.

I have been seeing for years that only Males hoist the flag as if it a rule. We talk about Women Empowerment but rarely do anything to show something visible. Why do Women have to take a back seat. Why Males have to take a call everytime? Why can’t we show something in spirit and our day to day action that we care and respect Women? With all these thoughts I discussed the idea of requesting a senior citizen Women to hoist our National Flag.

They come for Flag hoisting every time to show respect to the nation.

This time we decided to change the trend. My friends Nirav, Sushil, Karan, Jayesh, Aniket, Vinay, Vivek, Subodh, Sachin and many more here agreed to the idea. We are happy and naturally proud about what we have done. 





We don’t want publicity. If on January 26th, 2017 some follow what we did, we would be really happy. It is so nice to see happy faces of all age group.

As told to Team NV Media. 

This is a small step. Some may have done somewhere. Good thing about such initiative is that have a message. We need to change the course for improvement proactively.

One baby step will go a long way. Let us not reserve #MeraSankalp for just few days to do something for the nation. Our borders are protected 24 x 7 . High time civilians also need to come forward.

Team NV requests you to share this article with friends and family for awareness if possible.

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