April 20, 2019

Flashback to Present – Satyamev Jayate

There is a clear divide in Bollywood on who wants to be on Pakistan side.

The ones who are advocating for pakistani artists need to look within. Google is full of stories of big fights within the industry itself.

They fight tooth and nail and at times they don’t speak for years. Reasons are ego and money.

With this in the background the nation and nationalist have a bigger ego. Aman Ki Aasha can’t be till eternity. By asking Modi to apologize some are asking for more financial loss. ……… ok this brings me to a question that entire NATION WANTS TO KNOW did Aamir apologize to NaMo?

Did the advocates of pakistan artists in India even bother to speak then and now?

Marketing strategy have shelf life and no marketing strategy can help loosers create a sustaining campaign against the most hard working, most creative leader and most patient leader like Modi. He is the only living politicians to get most bashing from his own supporters.

To all pakistan lovers here the two links. 

Aamir Khan calls Narendra Modi a murderer, praises US for denying visa.


Satyamev Jayatey doesn’t need marketing and advertising. Aamir Khan will never have the guts to speak on Shah Bano. He will never have the guts to replace Bhagwan Shankar with any other religion.

Modi is PM that is Satyamev Jaytey.

65 MPs and gang of intolerance can keep themselves busy running their agenda.

Satyemev Jaytey will hit hard 24 x 7.

 Credit: TellyReviews , http://www.firstpost.com/ and You Tube



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