May 20, 2019

Flawed Narrative of ‘Cracker Ban- Green Diwali’

Its the time of the year again when Diwali approaches and there is a sudden spurt of environment savers who pontificate and virtue signal and try to guilt trip Hindus into believing their most loved festival is spelling doom for the environment. Impressionable school children, deracinated already by macaulised parents take out rallies in diesel smoke infested NCR and Choking Delhi pledging they will not burst crackers and save the earth.

Simultaneously three children appeal in court and are represented by Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Supreme Cour orders a ban on sale of crackers, this leads to a feeling of Victimisation and a reaction to hypocritical virtue signalling by celebs and pledges of more cracker bursting.

I have analysed a lot on this annual excercise which has caught speed since the last decade and half.

Hindus traditionally worship nature, our festivals are fashioned around nature, revering it, worshiping trees, rivers, animals, birds, reptiles-all our rituals are aimed towards purification and detoxifying pollutants and regenerating nature-from the ‘Kawar Yatra’ which culminates in pouring Ganga Jal on a Shivling signifying recharging of water, to nag Panchami, Tulsi marriage, Khumbhs, Goverdhan Pooja- all our festivals are geared to revere nature.

Then what has led to present day polluted rivers, dangerous air quality in metros, water stress, deforestation?

Can we blame Diwali cracker bursting, Holi celebrations for all this? Seeing the various tweets and rallies and appeals it would seem so. That is the problem with the narrative- the narrative is pontification, preaching, guilt tripping and assuming Hindus do not care for nature. Bans and pontification produce an angry backlash and Hindus start defying the bans and preachy virtue signalling.

What should the narrative be?

For starters Government and various pollution boards should acknowledge the dangerous pollution situation of Rivers, air, soil is NOT due to Hindu festivals of Diwali, Holi, Durga Pooja, Ganesha, Raksha Bandhan and Hindu practices of Cremation.

It should acknowledge that present day dangerous pollution levels are because of misgovernance, wrong policies and corruption- main villains being pesticides, chemical fertilizers, industry effluents ,unbridled construction, vehicles spewing fumes, overcrowding in cities, deforestisation, indiscriminate plastic use, ACs, Diesel generators, Paddy stubble burning etc. In Diwali added pollutant are chinese crackers and high decible bombs.

Let the Government appeal to Hindus to limit their cracker burning as the air level in Delhi and NCR is in danger zone- not order bans on sale and blame only crackers for pollution.
Supreme Court could have regulated sale of crackers and enforced existing laws regarding bursting of high decible crackers. Appeals by Government to Hindus to limit cracker burning to noiseless, less noise fewer crackers like Phuljharis, Anars, charkhirs etc citing existing pollution due to other factors will go a long way in achieving the objective- rather than pontificate and guilt trip.

Hindus are always eager to self correct. Once the dangerous effects of POP Ganeshas became clear, Hindus shunned cheaper Ganeshas of POP and went in for clay Ganeshas. When there was a drought, Hindus themselves immersed statues in water tubs, Designated tanks etc.

When the anti chinese good movement started- traders and customers voluntarily gave up buying cheaper chinese lights, decorations etc with shopkeepers themselves advertising ‘No Chinese Goods’. If we can do this, can’t we voluntarily reduce crackers for the larger good of the Nation? Of course we can and we will- but stop pontificating and starting this false narrative of ‘Green Diwali’.

Diwali itself is a green festival. The 5 am Brahmmahurat bath is to re-energise the body. The Pre Diwali cleaning creates clutterless, cleaner homes – by giving away old items to the poor we are distributing wealth. By buying new clothes, utensils, jewllery we are creating wealth. When we do Lakshmi Pooja we revere and worship wealth- we are told that Laxmi never resides in stolen, ill gotten wealth. By lighting Desi Ghee and natural oil Diyas we cleanse the Air and kill Mosquitoes. On Goverdhan we worship cows- women collect dung and worship it- Is there a greener festival than Diwali???

If celebs and those pontificating Focus on Goverdhan Pooja and the benefits of Cow- from milk, to organic manure -instead of Mocking Cow worship- This will create an amiable atmosphere. Finally need of the day is for the pollution boards to commission studies in evaluating the effects of traditional ways of celebrating Hindu festivals, their positive effects on environment and educate Hindus about the benefits, instead of mindlessly, without data backup blaming Crackers for all ills.

An interesting study has been put out by Dr Amit Thadani, twitter handle @amitsurg about the ill effects of candle burning- this should be made public by environment ministry, pollution boards as Candles are fast replacing Diyas and scented candles are being used widely by the same celebs pontificating no cracker ban.

Finally Twitter handle @zeroappeasement has made a collage of all those pontificating no crackers, Green Diwali. Nothing more hypocritical than Thermal power suppliers, AC suppliers etc doing so- they are picking the low hanging fruit.


To end Hinduism is all about revering and protecting nature. Our Sholkas wish for pure water, scented air, plentiful food, plentiful rain, health and safety of animals and plants. Deracination has led to environment degradation. Let Government work with Hindus, appealing to them to help it salvage polluted Air, Earth, Rivers, rather than pontificate, ban and blame.

What better example than rally for rivers by Sadguru and Rejuvenation of Dead Rivers by Sri Sri and Art of Living?

 Picture and Link Credit: Screenshot and URL from Twitter

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