February 18, 2019

#FloorTest: Dance of Democracy


Papers thrown on the floor, chairs hurled and broken, legislators of TN assembly took floor test literally.


To beat the stress of floor test some of the MLAs watched Chennai Express. They could not get the song “Lungi Dance” out of their head and the action had a spill over effect during the floor test. A clear case of reel life affecting real life.



Furniture companies sensed business opportunity. They have approached assembly for new robust set of furniture which can survive any floor test.

Legislators who were denied access to dress got angry and tore shirt of the speaker. Golden Bay Resort scores low in customer satisfaction.


Its rather disturbing and annoying to note that there is no live streaming of the confidence vote. Why this undemocratic veil of secrecy over proceedings of the assembly? People of the state have the right to know how their legislators voted.


Democracy has been held hostage. Rescue it from Resort and Remote Controlled Politics.

Picture Credit: Twitter, Maruti Jha Facebook page. Thanks to all.


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