April 19, 2019

Forgotten Minsar, Indian region in Tibet, which maintained Kailash Mansarovar

Today Morning I woke up to the news that Rahul Gandhi has met the Chinese envoy in the backdrop of Chinese Intrusion in Doklam
This is not the first instance of Nehru-Gandhi clan in its support of China in face of hurting India’s Interests.

We know Nehru did not pursue US offer of UNSC seat and supported china claim on it. Nehru let China occupy Aksai Chin, Tibet in 1963 Nehru did not protest strongly when Pakistan gifted away Shaksgam valley in POK to China. The Story of Minsar has been forgotten.

Minsar was a part of princely state of Kashmir situated in Tibet. Apart from the J&K State’s areas illegally ‘offered’ by Pakistan to China in 1963, the Government should ask for the return of Minsar, an Indian principality in Tibet. The Indian rights to this small town were inherited from the Peace Treaty between Ladakh and Tibet signed in Tingmosgang in 1684. Besides the confirmation of the delimitation of the border between Western Tibet and Ladakh, the Treaty affirmed: “The king of Ladakh reserves to himself the village of Minsar in Ngari-khor-sum [Western Tibet]”. For centuries, Minsar has been a home for Ladakhi and Kashmiri traders and pilgrims visiting the holy mountain.

A report of Thrinley Shingta, the 7th Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, who spent three months in the area in 1748, makes interesting reading: “Administratively, it is established that the immediate village of Minsar and its surrounding areas are ancient Ladakhi territory. After Lhasa invaded West Tibet in 1684, it was agreed and formally inscribed in the Peace Treaty between Tibet and Ladakh, signed in 1684, that the King of Ladakh retained the territory of Minsar and its neighbourhood as a territorial enclave, in order to meet the religious offering expenses of the sacred sites by Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash.”

For centuries, the inhabitants of Minsar, although surrounded by Tibetan territories, paid their taxes to the kingdom of Ladakh. During the 19th century, when Ladakh was incorporated into Maharaja Gulab Singh’s State, Minsar became de facto part of the Jammu & Kashmir State which regularly collected taxes from Minsar.  This lasted till the early 1950s.

In early 1950s-Nehru was keen that China join PanchSheel -and was ready to give up Minsar principality to China, knowing Mansar supported Kailash Mansarovar by its revenues. In 1953, Nehru unilaterally gave up India’s claim on Minsar and it went to China. While revoking 1684 treaty, Nehru did not ratify it from parliament nor take Maharaja Hari Singh’s assent.

Today China bans Indian pilgrims from visiting Kailash Mansarovar -in an area which was ours given Illegally to China by Nehru.

Time to ask for return of Minsar
Time to question Rahul Gandhi on Minsar

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