April 24, 2019

Form Fill Seal – New Year Resolution

Nothing can be as pure as nature. Look at how Nature creates Coconut. First the outer layer is created, then the filling process and simultaneously the Sealing is done. No Human Interference at all. 100% pure. In India first time this technology FFS was used for manufacturing Intravenous Fluids. Earlier the glass bottles were used and recycled. The entire process involved human interference at 24 stages and proved unsafe for the patients. Now FFS is widely used in fast food industry as well.

Modiji has rightly said recently Zero Defect Zero Effect” with regard to manufacturing.

Yes this is about Quality Standards that Philip Crosby had preached. In simple terms what he says and what we as individual, as a citizen and as a professional should always remember is “Do Things Right the First Time, Every time”. Each time we do a mistake we incur financial loss and we waste precious time.

modiThe reason we land up doing mistakes is not because we are too busy to remember things but because we have “Dual Standards”in Indian context it means Chalta Hai Approach. We never land up giving wrong medicine to our kids. Do we? Or do we land up putting a wring PIN number at the ATM. Do We?  The approach we carry calculates the losses and hence the outcome of our thinking.

I have a New Year Resolution. Improve the Quality Standards in my life, in my surrounding. It is like the good work we do in the society. It comes back to us. We create quality in small way and it shall come back to us. What is Your New Year Resolution?

Picture Credit: Rugusavay  iz Quotes 


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