April 23, 2019

From Counting Stars to Counting Jail Bars

From “starry-eyed” to “teary-eyed”, it’s been an upheaval of sorts for a lady whose lust for power and recklessness knew no bounds. Her refusal to surrender despite the Supreme Court order is a sign of worry. One MLA escaped from “resort hideout” in Bermuda and t-shirt. Golden Bay Resort is no “Bermuda Triangle”. There is no way she can escape from law. It hardly comes as a surprise “bad health” is cited as a reason for delay. Shouldn’t this common phenomenon be assigned a name? All politicians when caught on the wrong side of the law, feigns illness. Chest pain, high blood pressure and sugar are the common scapegoats. “Incarcerophobia” has gripped Sasikala and she has not come to terms with the sudden change of events. Fate has sliced her ambitions like a knife through butter.(I did not make any “Panneer” reference here knowingly).

floor_rahul_OPS_MODIHer political fortunes have been wiped clean (as clean as a “Floor’). No “Test” needed!! Bangalore, of late, has got some unruly visitors. Kejriwal for “Medical Tourism” and now Sasikala for her bad Karma. It’s going to be a long stay for her. Will jail authorities spice up her diet by adding “Panneer”? Revenge is a dish best served with “Panneer”.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter. AMUL


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