April 24, 2019

From UC Berkeley to JNU – Intolerance of the Left


A conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos was forced to cancel his talk at UC Berkeley campus by students with leftist inclination. Be it UC Berkeley or JNU, the left has become intolerant than ever despising dissent. Leftists have been crying hoarse over FIR lodged against Professor Nivedita Menon for her anti India rant and on the other hand they did not allow Professor Makarand Paranjpe to enter his office citing protest on “Social Justice Ideology”. What a farce? What happened to the democratic right to dissent? Who are these “Social Justice Warriors”? These warriors declared themselves as Najeeb. Najeeb was missing from JNU campus after scuffle with ABVP students. Stopping Paranjpe from entering his office is not going to be of any help in finding Najeeb.

What kind of Social Justice Ideology involves bullying professors? Is this ideology brain-child of Nivedita Menon? Leftists known for upholding the JNU culture are shredding it to pieces. Hooliganism has replaced healthy dissent. Separatism has leaped ahead of inclusion. Where is JNU headed? To an abyss, if the rot remains unchecked.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter. Thanks a lot Tweeples


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