May 24, 2019

Frustrated Journos Fake Heroes




Jawahar Lal University (JNU) has never figured in the news for excellence in education , its has made it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons what we heard as students was more about what we shud not have. Education was never mentioned in the same breath as JNU, instead we would often hear of alcohol,  drugs & sex on campus, was it deliberate or fantasy of the few who were speaking about JNU is rather late in the day for me to verify. Since I was not a student of JNU, it concerned me least what was happening within the boundary walls of JNU. It was not known for liberal thinking, discourse or speech. Reports of these nefarious activities would  regularly appear in newspaper thru the 70’s & 80’s and die a natural death in a few days. Subterfuge employed to give this den of vice a halo was to issue degrees from this University to the cadets passing out from NDA. The reflected glory then became a convenient shield  for all allegations of wrong doing s on the campus, commies crept in ,and started to flourish within the precincts on public money. transition to anti-national activities was a given and a natural corollary. Events of09th FEB 2016 a day that will be remembered when JNU  lost the  remnant of prestige, not because of poor results obtained, but for the anti national activities on it’s campus. Country was outraged, yet peaceful , waiting for the Union Government to act against those responsible for these activities, government treaded with utmost care and maximum caution ,not wanting to inflame passion. Opposition parties that includes  a handful of media persons who are in perpetual opposition to PM Modi since 2002 and are frustrated their antics have not yielded the results that their political paymasters have been paying them for since that year.

When the government acted with a firm hand, these media person were surprised beyond belief. Political opponent tried to stall parliament while media persons acting as opposition outside the Parliament  selected a soft target Ms Shilpi Tiwari, allegations against her were not just made but also played up by these persons. As evidence they posted screenshots of her tweets, but that did not confirm her to be the originator of those videos. It’s natural if we do not RT the original tweet but copy paste it. Twitter will reflect it as a tweet posted by the person who has copy pasted the content. This is not in any way a confirmation that the content is original & created by the handle that is posting it. But then these media persons are not the brightest of the lot. They are so consumed by the venom in them, blinded by hatered, they miss the most rudimentary evidence and leap frog to their predetermined conclusion.

This invariably explodes in their faces leaving their reputation in tatters, now even this does not happen since these media persons don’t have any reputation what they have is ill repute.




It would be monotonous to repeat what is now common knowledge.

Let’s just conclude this by saying they have failed yet again in their attempt to target an innocent individual.




These media persons make pigs look pristine & pig sty’s cleaner than their studios.





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