May 19, 2019

Frustrated Tax Payer and IT Exempted Political Parties

Bhakts were Bhakts till recently. Over the last few months  there is a shift or best to say there is a divide between Bhakts. There are ones who criticize NaMo government decisions if need be and others who say that nothing wrong, it’s MSM twisting facts. The line is really thin. Both want best out of him, both want to protect him from News Traders but what we observe is somewhere this gap will widening.


This term of NaMo is very important from the point of view that it will set platform for 2019 elections. There are many impossible assignments on hand for NaMo. To say that dirt of six decades can’t be cleaned in five years makes sense but this can’t be used as ready made defense all the time. He is NaMo is NaMo not MMS. With this clarity of thought we need to think, talk and support NaMo.

Few changes that need to be discussed with opposition political parties and intention to be made clear by NaMo government:

  • Reservation in education and jobs.  should be based on merit and annual income, etc. Caste should not be the basis. Let  financially weaker be given best of the facility and amenities for education beyond that I don’t think any other benefits should be given. Why should the hard working tax payer money be used for appeasement? Our tax money has to be used in best possible way.
  • Why should MP, MLA,MLC, Corporator, etc enjoy surfeit of benefits just for serving one term? As a policy all declare their income at the time of filing their nominations. Anyone who is Below Poverty Line should be given all the possible benefits. Rest should not be given even a single rupee. Majority of them have declared income in crores. If one compares their nomination over the previous years we see how their money is doubled and in some cases even multiplied manifold. Starting from the scratch where some could not even afford a second hand Bajaj Super are now moving around in imported cars. On record they have entered politics to do Desh Seva. So do Desh Seva. Why you want to enjoy on tax payers money and then behave like Demi Gods when the same citizens wants an appointment. Removing subsidy from Parliament Canteen is welcome move. Recently Shri Suresh Prabhu has also made an appeal to his department to give up benefits. But all this is Band Aid treatment. A person like Farukh Abdulla has audacity to claim LPG subsidy . Where are we heading?
  • Lastly and the most important one is political parties having freedom to collect cash upto INRIMG_20161218_161241_543 20,000/- why? What is the need? NaMo said he has implemented Demonetisation that was on hold from the days of Smt. Indira G. Excellent job. What stops him from taking an initiative and saying that all political parties should take even a single rupee in digital / cheque / DD / pay order mode only? Let the opposition CRIB. As we write this article we hear that Election Commission wants a maximum limit of INR 2000/- That is music to Ears. But why have cash at all. This comes at a right time as some sermon had already come from RWs that IT Act can’t be changed. Come on, nothing can be changed. We need to start demanding. Rest shall follow.



Parties can take money and show them as donations below 20,000 rupees (making backdated entries showing that donations were taken before demonetization was announced) and try to convert it into white money for a ‘cut’. But do remember that they have to furnish expenditure details to the ECI too, thus there is always a way to catch this scam. Strong political will power will be needed to nail such parties.

While Political Parties are exempted from income tax but they still have to: a). maintain books of accounts, b) file returns, c) be open to scrutiny, even raids, etc.

We haven’t come across cases of raids. However, their returns are scrutinized just like any otherIMG_20161209_081526_425 assesses, and Income Tax department takes note of complaints against them too. As recent as last year, Congress and AAP had received notices from the department. The moot Question here is how far the department will go in pursuing such cases. The bottom line is this can be manipulated easily for converting black to white.

There is a difference between what opposition parties talk and do. NaMo is different. He asked for 60 months to deliver. We did not set this deadline. He demanded  50 days for unearthing the Black Money, we did not give him the deadline.

We too fight and give reasoning in discussion where some people talk ill about NaMo. The pitch is the same. “Last six decades are wasted and you want NaMo to change all this overnight”. As a Bhakt we will not support him blindly.

As far as Demonetization is concerned we and many support NaMo despite the pain all throughout but there are certain areas we can’t compromise.

The IT slab of all political parties has to be on the same lines with an individual IT slab or corporate IT structure. Is it too much to demand. For some it might be but what is the harm to start the dialogue and get to see the real face of all political parties including some in BJP? There have been turn coats from all states who are taken in BJP in the last few years. Some hard working BJP leaders have missed the reward because of them.

Recently we saw a URL doing rounds on social media to assist government with information of possible illegal trade and people


Why should someone take risk of being killed by high and mighty when there are different yardstick for political parties? Political parties fund is genesis of all ill gotten money. Whatever has happened is fine but the future needs to be on the same protocol that individuals have for IT. There cant be two yardstick in our life. We already have in Judiciary. Ordinary person is arrested middle of the night. Filthy rich keep buying time from highest court in India. We can’t allow the ruling party to set this process in political funding.

What happened to Engineer Satyendra Dubey who wrote to then PM Shri Vajpayee? What is the security now for whistle blower? How full proof is the system now. Government has to take citizens into confidence first and then ask them to take this risk.

Why should the ordinary citizen be at the receiving end always?

The present day government is taking two superb steps forward and then walking five step back. I thought only planets go retrograde but it is seen in NaMo government too.


Let us accept the reality. Nothing is easy and mess of sixty plus years can’t be cleared in 60 months but at least make the intention clear. Just the way a bold and consistent step is taken for UCC, Demonetisation, GST, etc , why can’t the biggest cleaning exercise in Political Funding be announced? If not, trust us today government is busy checking credentials of NGOs receiving foreign funds, a time will come when every enterprer will also register a political outfit and seek foreign funds.

This is a proven fact around 75% of total funds of the political parties are under INR 20,000/-

To say that IT department will scrutinize is like like giving a lolly pop. We all have a ready to use list of A to Z scams of congress. What is the status of all the cases. Barring few that Dr Swamy actually pursuing and handful that others in BJP took there is no major headway. Damaadji is enjoying his life. We are past half way mark now of the 5 year term. All nationalists are banking on National Hearald case courtesy Dr. Swamy. And we expect that IT will file case against the corrupt politicians. Knowing our legal system that works on stay orders and Tareekh pe Tareekh, it is important not a single rupee should be allowed in cash.

The only reason why ordinary citizens cooperated with NaMo is because they are tired of seeing corrupt becoming strong each day and no one took them head on. He is capable of delivering and citizens will demand. Raids and booking bankers etc are good but the real Pat on the government would be when some big fish in politics are taken to task and initiating a process to make political funding 100% cashless.

If the government can’t start the dialogue even, then asking road side vegetable vendor and taxi driver to go Digital is just joke.

Credit: Thanks to tweeples for the screenshots and links.

Co authored by Chandrakant Kotian and Robin Srivastava @ZeroAppeasement


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