April 26, 2019

Gangs Of Mandsaur


Gangs of Mandsaur are nothing but Italian National Congress goons. Five people who  were killed in police firing, none had land in their names or were holding any non farm jobs. They were paid to carry out unrest.Liberals in  media have chosen to turn a blind eye to involvement of INC in inciting unrest.


Congress game plan has been exposed but shameless charade by the party has refused to go. The party has a history of violence and suppression and Mandsaur is just a reflection of desperation to come back to power. State assembly elections are eighteen months away. The timing of unrest speaks volumes about the staged incident.


Will the maker of Gangs of Wasseypur be courageous enough to depict Congress sponsored terrorism in Mandsaur? Anurag Kashyap, most likely, won’t take that plunge because it will put Italian Fabric of Sycophancy in danger. I would be delighted if he proves me wrong. Those who dropped surnames on alleged Hindu terror are having their tails in between their legs. No bravado displayed by them when games of gore by gangs of Mandsaur are out in the open.


Drama has unfolded at Madras Talkies. Solidarity show will continue till media channels start hovering around them. The hunger games for TRP and airtime will continue unabated and farmer distress would be lost in the din. That’s how protests have panned out all over the years.


Rather than responding to farmers plight in Karnataka, Rahul and Pilot are doing drama in Madhya Pradesh. They are putting the last nail in the coffin of the party.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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