April 24, 2019

Garland of Facts – Media Selective Outrage and Silence

Prime Time debates Vs 24 x 7 twitter facts on display. From naming and shaming the facts holders to blocking of twitter handles for speaking their heart out based on facts.

From journalist who twisted Modi statement ” Kriya pratikriya ka daur chal raha hai. Hum chahtey hain, naa kriya ho na prati kriyaa” to “for every action there is equal reaction”.

Journalist who did sting operation on cash for vote but got shit scared to air it on channel but later did his angry young man act on the street of US.

From journalist who was fixing cabinet portfolio to air conditioned activist who wanted to teach how Modi should wave at the crowd.

From failed syndicate of journalist who became direct marketing agency of selling an undeserving person to the post of PM to becoming journalist of dual standard while marketing a terrorist as a social media activist.

Ooophh journey is long but pattern is same. OK now let some screen shot do the talking.

Why preempt a riot.


After Barak Obama Good Taliban and Bad Taliban theory now a new sermon on Old Militancy and New Militancy


No mention whether the guys were from Old Militancy or New Militancy school thought.


Madam this is the difference in thinking. CM of J & K had a matured approach to make an ardent request.


Is it important to give this update? If giving news is the business then there are dozens of news that deserved to be aired but never saw light of the day.


How many in Bihar UP and other states became terrorist. How many frustrated citizens with misleading news became terrorist?


They need to ask this question to their aka in Pakistan and ones sitting in luxury homes in Kashmir itself.


Copy cat of Barkha. Sometime back they were fighting on who owns the Exclusive Story of their channel.


Or are you scared to take your son there in the current atmosphere?


This one is for Rahul. Will love to have a peaceful Kashmir. But did not wait, instead took my son on extended trip, visited interiors of Kashmir. He should know the reality. He should be thankful to the security forces and not bank on half baked news. 


OK this is out of context but still relevant.


Silence when simple question asked and simple answer expected.



Here is another one. Silence again. Bhaai your show name is really good Ground Zero. But you please speak up.



Enough of facts sharing now let us change the mood for a while.




Let us get back to work.


No answer again.


For many LOVE JIHAD never existed.


Before questioning Modi have guts to answer this.


It is so easy to make fun of Hindu festivals but none have the audacity to do it for other religion.


This person goes straight in Trolling category for giving a fitting reply. 🙂


These air conditioned activist are silent when questioned. They were silent even when a muslim female activist was thrashed in Bhopal for promoting vegen Eid.


All is not wrong as it seems. Journalism is alive and will survive this phase because of some professionals who have spine to speak and present the facts.



Some insight into the coward anti india people based out of Kashmir and living out of tax payer money from rest of India


End to debate. Terrorist have no religion.


This comes from a newspaper that claims to be number one. Is the editor on leave or he is paid to approve this. How on earth can a terrorist outfit have rebels.


Oh, I forgot TOI seems to be competing with IE.


Bhaiya yeh young leader kya hota hai. Do you mean to say he was Vodafone ka Chota Recharge


Very Important Question


Difference between Rahul and Gaurav  is explicit.


Now this is not something new. Dual Standard are visible for years.


Narrative starts from our land. Picked up by Pakistan. From Branding non existing Saffron terror to date. And India becomes Intolerant.


 Question and Answers hidden in Screenshots


p2            p3


Never knew there could be a rock star category also amongst terrorists.


Did media went back to the family members of the Martyrs ? I guess no. They will not have the guts even to look straight into their eyes.



Its easy for NGO’s, Amnesty, Aman Ki Aasha Brigade, Air conditioned room activists, Media sympathisers to speak in favor of the stone pelters. If at all they wear the uniform and face the hostile situation, they would not react in same manner in which the security forces have been dealing.

They would start firing at the first hostile situation to save their life. Concluding this article with my last screenshot. And prayers for the security team deployed and doing a great job.


Pic Credit: Wiki, ANI, Twitter and whatsapp for screenshots.

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